Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A Poem for the New Hermione Granger . . . (part two sort of) and my last word on the subject.

I have heard there is much disquiet
About a Black Hermione Granger in a play
But as we all know Britain is
A multicultural diverse
Sort of modern place to live in today

And besides there are many things
That would appear to be so much worse
Because it could have been Maria
From the Sound of Music
Which really would be a curse?

Or it could be been a chap pretending to be Hermione
Like in pantomime as chaps do
Shouting at the audience
Who in turn shout back?
It’s behind you

Or a huge mutant giant Squid
Getting her first big break upon the stage
Who on forgetting the lines
At a critical point
Then eats the audience in a rage

So I think we should all cheer and clap
And accept the choice
That has been made
Although I bet I get thrown out (again)

Because I sneaked in and never paid.


  1. Well said Mr Z...not that my opinion counts for much.

    1. Although you do have to think it is tough being a huge mutant giant squid trying to get a break as an actor (actress), the roles are very limited.