Friday, 2 October 2015

Poetry for the End of the World

Well after a serious post to show that I can be serious and nod in a knowing way at matters of great importance appears to have gone down like a lead balloon. Has anyone ever made a lead balloon to prove this saying one way or the other . . . I suspect not, although that is something of a distraction from the point I am trying to make.

Yes Exactly. . . .  Yes after my serious attempt to be serious I have decided to return to the moderate safety of the safe ground of poetry. I mean everyone loves poetry don’t they, Youtube is full of poets quoting Wordsworth and Byron and the like making a small fortune from advertising because there are millions of teenagers flocking to their sites in order to hear the words of (or in my case read the words) of us Poets as we ponder things like flowers, love, tigers, and all sorts (not the sweets). . . . . .So I have just written a poem about the End of the World to cheer you up . . . . . . . . AH DAMN.

It was a bit of surprise when a young lad pressed the button to launch the Atomic Bomb

He was only six and all his mates all knew him by the simple name of Tom

Well as you can guess he was a little upset, and when folk then asked him Why

All he said was, “it was big and shiny and very red and I didn’t know everyone was going to Die”

So to cheer him up someone went out and got him ice cream and a big slice of Cake

But everything was radioactive so that was rather a big Mistake

So now all that is left is little old me writing quietly my poetry

And a huge steam powered Matilda dressed as a witch shouting Trick or Treat and a very small Mutant Vampire Bee.

And a Shark
that can

Glow in the Dark


  1. Damn that Wordpress! It looks like I'll have to use my ole Blogger account to access your posts Mr Z.

    1. I am very very busy for a week and a bit but when done I will look into the strange world of Wordpress. Maybe I can run two accounts and just duplicate content. It might be interesting to see if Wordpress is any better that Blogger and just think of now many pre-written posts I will have. . . . . . .

      But my blog is not that exciting Miss Lily so you can abandon me by the wayside, I will quite understand.

  2. Hang on Rob.... When is the world going to end?

    I'm sure you said it was the 21st or 23rd of September, but I don't remember the world actually coming to a stop.

    Do I need to write a letter to the BBC and complain about the lack of apocalypse...

    1. I did say it would be the 21st September but it was possible it might not.

      However the 21st September was the day of Piggate and so it was a very bad day for some who might have preferred the distraction of the End of the World, rather than having to tell porkies about a fleeting relationship back when they were young and foolish.