Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Day in the Life of a Blogger and other events

Yes this is a snowman and a vampire drawn by a small child
The Vampire is the one with the ears
And they both look a bit evil to me

This is my drawing of Thomas the Tank Engine
I was told it is rubbish by a Small Child
I think the addition of the Owl and the Pussy Cat
Confused the Small Child

I have had a busy day that involved my attempt at making a gate for outside, I say attempt because it is a bit rustic, but looks OK and it will do the job required of it. Which is to stop the winter wind sneaking round the corner of the house at the back and laughing at me. It has done this for a couple of year now and I have threatened it with retribution at least once, but all it does is howl a bit and carry on. So that is that, it has had its last chance, mind you I did not get to put the new rustic gate on its hinges as we had visitors one of whom was a small enthusiastic and noisy child.  I am not that good with small children with their leaping about having a good time and it is much worse when the little critters like you, which makes it much harder to scare them.

To try and keep this small enthusiastic child quiet the pair of us did a bit of drawing. Now I don’t know how many of you have experience of drawing with small enthusiastic children but they are to put it bluntly not easy to keep focused on what they are drawing. We started with Thomas the Tank Engine, well he told me it was Thomas but it looked a bit like a demented mad axe murdering train to me. And I know it has been a while since I have seen Thomas (I prefer Ivor the Engine it is a million times better) but one thing I know is it does not have 14 pairs of wheels. I tried to help by drawing the Fat Controller. . . .I suspect he is not called that now. . .  but my controller was actually rather thin and looked like a priest out of some old western with a parrot on his shoulder. The small person then drew the fat controller but it looked a bit like Edward Scissorhands to me but very very thin and sort of tree shaped. . . .  Small people are (not to beat about the bush as the saying goes) total rubbish at drawing and trying to explain the principles of perspective is like trying to teach an Earthworm to climb a ladder.

The Small child soon got bored and decided it was time to leave and head off for his Sunday roast while I now slightly the worse for wear headed out into the cold wind that was still laughing at me even though it could see what I was planning to do. I then managed to hit my thumb with a hammer which was a bit sore, so I shouted at the wind a lot and waved my hammer at it in defiance. Starting a small stampede among a passing group of elderly walkers I had not spotted until then who thought I was mad. And a man on a bicycle fell into the hedge thinking I was the God Thor arriving to attack him, apparently he said he has been expecting it to happen for some time. I tried to tell him I was not Thor but it is tricky when you are holding a large hammer in the air and shouting so in the end I agreed and said he was now free to cycle in peace. . . .sort of. 

Some days never quite go to plan  


  1. The Snowman seems to have two Plasma balls in his hands. Judging by the look of evil intent upon his evil face, they are obviously meant for the purpose of evil, which will be evil in it's purpose.
    The Vampire meanwhile, looks like he's been imbibing some poppy juice.

    1. Thomas the Tank Engine had the same evil face. I may need to keep an eye on this small child as it grows up.

      I think the vampire may have been drinking the blood of a puppy rather than a poppy. Life is the country is no place for the sentimental

  2. Those drawings are both far superior to anything I could scribble out of the end of a pencil.
    I am very good at hitting my thumb with a hammer (or any other object now i think about it).

    1. I will say that the small child in question had a really odd way of holding a pencil and dispute my best efforts to point out where the point was it just stuck to its own method. It is annoying when they have abandoned my great thoughts even before the little critters are 6 or 7. There was a time I could scare even a teenager but no longer.

      I do hate hitting my thumb with a hammer it is rather painful and does bring out the odd dodgy word from my mouth. Which is why I will never do DIY in a monastery