Thursday, 10 September 2015

Its Poetry Jim but not as we know it. . . . Yes its Bad Poetry so YA SUCKS BOO

With the general quietness of my blog continuing despite my cunning tricks I have decided to change tack a bit and write some more poetry (Like What I Do). This is because Poetry is not remotely mainstream, so my visitor numbers will now match my subject matter. In other words it will now become a successful blog of bad poetry. Then I can write a blog about how to write bad poetry, as it happens its easier than you might think. . . . . Have a go, you know you want to. . . Just one small wafer thin poem    

An amorous Armadillo
Wearing dark shades and a posh Suit
Is trying to impress Pink Flamingos
Because he thinks they're rather Cute  

A cat and a canary and a man from catmando
Went on an adventure with an enormous tin of Glue
They headed off to Brighton
In a Shiny American Diesel Pick Up Truck
But the tin of glue fell over
And they are now all extremely Stuck

In Walton on the Wold
Where, in the winter
It can be chilly
And sometimes
Rather Cold

An Angel and an Aardvark
Had a Duel like in the film High Noon
Which was videoed on an iPhone
And will be on YouTube
Very Soooooooon

A Zombie from the Corner Shop
Has been warned he really has to Stop
Sucking the Brains
Out of nice little old Ladies
Or he’ll end up being a Zombie
Somewhere down in the underworld with Hades.

Well as the old saying goes that decision is a No Brainer. . . . . HAH AHAH ahah ah a ha ha ha hah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahha haha ha ha ha ha    

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