Saturday, 1 August 2015

Vampire Propaganda, Zombies and Treasure Island

Have you noticed in recent years how certain monsters in the world of fiction have faired better than others, it is a very odd thing indeed, I mean these days it is almost a positive to be a vampire. It is a long time since vampires were generally grumpy middle aged men biting dodgy women in the middle of the night who then spend the rest of their days looking a bit off colour and laying about all day in boxes of mud in the cellars of old castles.  No these days there are even vegetarian vampires who only nibble the odd vole from time to time when they need a bit of get up and go.  And they are no longer grumpy middle aged folk but teenagers and the like, clearly the world of teenage vampires is something that would leave Vincent Van Gogh (sorry Vincent Price) turning in his grave demanding a medium rare stake.

Even the likes of Werewolves seem to have their decent understanding side and avoid howling in libraries now, I mean in the old days they would have chewed the leg off the librarian and left them propped up against a copy of Treasure Island just for a laugh.

However (I like the word However it crops up a lot in this blog) there is one group who has always drawn the short straw so to speak and never come out well in books or films or even video games. And that is Zombies . . . O yes indeed no one wants to be a Zombie, they are always seen as slow and stupid, not nibble gymnastic scientists who just happen to like to eat a fresh bit of Brain direct from its tin. It is all just a bit unfair and something should be done. . . . Zombies are nice, a bit nice . . . .  should be something small child are taught in School so that they do not succumb to the obvious propaganda of the modern manipulative vampire     

OK I could write more but I have been helping in the hospice shop, well I say helping I wander about looking confused and attempting to keep a few shelves topped up as part of my good deed bit. It is important that we all do something how ever small to make the world a better place, because then the world will be better. . . . OK it probably will not be better as there seem to be more folk making it worse than folk making it better.  So there that’s it I am knackered and off to chill for a bit before I crash out.  


  1. Actually Mr Z, there was a brilliant series on last year called In The Flesh, where dead people came back to life. They called them Partially Deceased Sufferers and tried to integrate them into normal society. Then there was the film Warm Bodies, where they were left to roam the streets cos they weren't that evil. So the rotting, deceased face of the zombie franchise, is changing.

    1. Well that's good. So that Zombie on the bus lied to me. I thought he looked a bit dodgy.