Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Strange World of Harry Potter, Sinks and Fate

Only the other day I mentioned that a trip to IKEA was needed in order to replace the sink as our old sink had sort of fallen apart (I know it’s a sink?) and I also mentioned that my car had issues. Not as in it does not like pink and is refusing to enter the garage until the wallpaper is removed sort of issues, but as in a bit faulty. Anyway as a result of all this plans changed a bit today and my sights were set on nearer locations for sinks, in particular B & Q in Shrewsbury. Well fate is an odd critter indeed and can create many a coincidence, because as you know my blog is in JK Rowling mode at present so as I looked at a wall of sinks (no really it was a wall of sinks?) and we pinned the choice down to three it became clear which one was the right choice when I looked at the names. You do loads of research and in the end it comes down to the fact one of the sinks was from the World of Harry Potter, by that I mean it was called a Sirius Black sink.

Then I thought maybe this sink is named after Sirius Black or to give him his full name which we now know, Sirius Sid (Sink) Black or just Sink to his close mates. I can see why he has kept this a secret over the years I can imagine folk saying stuff like . . . Who the hell is doing all that tapping . . . . . or . . . . WHO’S turn is it to do the washing up then SIRIUS . . . or even . . . Stick a Plug in it Sirius . . .

Interestingly having just heard the Midland news on the tele, it appears that had I tried to go to IKEA it would not have been very easy as the main road was closed due to an accident involving several vehicles. It just goes to show that life is a very very twisty road indeed (no pun intended) and that you just can’t tell what is for the best, which it seems in my case was my car having problems and requiring a trip to the garage the other day. Maybe the car knew more than it was telling and thought I am not going there.

With luck (well who can tell what luck is) the new Harry Potter based Sink will be fitted into the new worktop tomorrow and will look dead posh, the new kitchen will then be one stop closer to completion . . . . . It has been a long time now since it was started and I am flagging

Ooooooo I also got my car back in the late afternoon and it is happy and smiling again. 


  1. The depth I sink to in order to be funny. Sometimes I drain myself of energy. Quick, somebody better pull the plug and put a stop(per) to this before I carry on...

    1. You jokes simply overflow with fun and bubbles Miss Lily I for one throw in the towel. . .