Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Norse, the Horse, The Dragon, the Pillow and JK Rowling . . .

There once was a fearsome
Mythical Norse
Who, so it was said
Rode a huge and rather Brave

According to legend they fought
Dragons all Day
Then in the evening
(Back at the Pub, while eating Pork Scratching)
They would Dominoes Play.

Dominoes of course
Is the game of Knights and Kings
And Fantastic Beasts
Such as Dragons (and other critters although some were not allowed in the pub)
With large scaly Wings

So during the day
When the Norse and Dragons did Fight
They did it with pillows
And hit each other
Quite light.

And this you see is where the old saying comes from that almost no one uses these days because no one fights dragons anymore. And its no good believing all that Harry Potter stuff or the up and coming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I don’t think Mrs JK Rowling is going to admit to the world that folk in fact only fought dragons and other scary beasts with Pillows. It would only ruin many a fairytale, some of which might be mine thinking about it . . . . . . . .DAMN

Anyway that saying

. . . . He is a Pillow of society. . . . . 


  1. Hello Rob

    Hello what are you up to

    I just watched Groundhog Day

    Ooo thats a bit like the internet

    Do you think so

    Well you have been going round in circles and getting no where for a long time now

    True but I still cant play the piano

    Well you can do that noise thing you do

    That's true but most folk tell me to stop or attack the piano with an axe

    Well you have to admit it sounds terrible

    Well I like it

    Yes but it still sounds terrible

    OK a bit terrible

    A bit

    OK a lot terrible but I still like it and the piano seems to enjoy the whole thing loads

    Well lets face it the piano either got to live with you or it was fire wood so it is happy making any noise even that of a demented cat

    I think we are losing the point a bit are we not

    Probably. . . But I dont think folk care much

    Will I play the piano for you

    O GOD no I'm off. . . Bye

  2. I feel like I'm interrupting something...

    1. No Miss Lily. It just puzzles me that this is one of the most uncommented on blogs in all the world. because it seems to get visitors according to the stats. I suspect its slightly quirky nature is scaring folk a bit and I do find that if S E X in any form crops up in a blog it does attract more interaction with the masses. I do not mention S E X much if ever so I feel I may be doomed to wander cyberspace in the dark voids forever undiscovered. All that talent and modesty will fade into the obscurity of history and time.

      Still it keeps me amused so Cool.