Saturday, 29 August 2015

Poetry for Rooks

Rooks are Happy
Rooks are Sad
Rooks are Good
Rooks are Bad
Rooks like Flying
Rooks like Cake
Rooks don’t Ask
Rooks just Take
Rooks are Noisy
Rooks can’t Sing
Rooks keep Gin
Hidden under their Wing
Rooks are cunning
Rooks will attack
Rooks like Witches
Because Rooks are Black
Rooks in the Darkness
Rooks in the Night
Rooks getting Grumpy
Rooks in a Fight
So if you see a Rook
And wonder what to Say
Just wave and smile a Bit

Then Quickly Run AWAY.


  1. Ooh, I didn't know Rooks could read poetry Mr Z. I learn something new every time I come here. Shame the same can't be said about my time at school.

    1. Ah yes my time at school was not a good time I think I never quite fitted the system so I was still fifteen when I left and became an apprentice. I have learnt many things since then, and have many more things I need to learn if I dont run out of time.

  2. Mr Z a wonderful poem, I like it and I am sure the Rooks will love it too,

    1. Thank you Mr Squid you are as always very kind about my humble words. I think the Rooks will only love the poem provided I give them food and a large oak tree to roast in.