Monday, 27 July 2015

The Ogre and the Prince . . . A Fairytale.

Once upon a time there was a King and Queen who ruled over a huge kingdom with their young son the Prince. They were in fact a fairly typical fairytale royal family living in a big castle in the centre of their land where everyone lived happily.  The Prince was a quiet and timid chap who was a bit of a naturalist and would often venture in to Fromley Wood, it was called Fromley Wood but it was huge and in places looked like an impregnable forest.

Unknown to the King and Queen deep in the heart of the wood lived a family of Ogres, Bert an Emily and their daughter Jupiter Frimtormilly. Who tended to keep themselves to themselves as Bert and Emily were well aware that Ogres in general tended to get a tough time from humans. Then one day Bert and Emily decided to go off to see their old friend the giant who lived at the top of a huge Beanstalk, leaving young Jupiter Frimtormilly to look after the house for a few days.

Well on one particular day as Jupiter Frimtormilly was out exploring it just so happened that the Prince was out doing research on spiders and was studying what he thought was a new species (very exciting. . . No it is).  Suddenly the Prince heard the sound of something large behind him and as he turned he found himself being attacked by a huge ferocious Bear. Well he thought he was a goner for sure. But just as he was about to be eaten Jupiter Frimtormilly arrived at the scene and threw the bear into a tree and saved the Prince who was badly injured. She helped the Prince to the edge of the wood where some local villagers took him to the castle, where the Prince promptly clasped.

The King hearing of the Ogre thought that Jupiter Frimtormilly had attacked the Prince and left with his knights into Fromely Wood to rid it of all Ogres. The knights chased Jupiter Frimtormilly round and round the Wood and eventually cornered her in a huge Oak tree which they set fire too to kill her. 

On returning to the castle he then learnt of his terrible mistake when the Prince told him how Jupiter Frimtormilly had saved him. So he returned to the woods where he met Jupiter Frimtormilly’s parents who had just returned from visiting the giant.  Bert and Emily listened to the King and his knights as they explained of their mistake, and after some considerable thought decided the best thing to do was eat them all. . . . Which they did.

Surprisingly just as they were chewing the last leg of the last knight who should turn up but Jupiter Frimtormilly who had managed to leap to another tree to escape, she was not happy and wanted to know why they had not saved her anything to eat.  Jupiter Frimtormilly did think that she should go and explain to the Prince that her parents had also got the wrong end of what had happened and had sort of eaten everyone.

Amazingly back at the castle Jupiter Frimtormilly and the Prince (now the King) found they got on really well and after a short whirlwind romance got married and lived happily ever after.  The Queen forgave Bert and Emily and said that the King had always been a bit impetuous and anyway he snored really really loudly. She then ran off with one of the gardeners who she had been seeing in secret for a while, opening a flower shop in town

And that is the End I think? 


  1. This story is pretty silly, but it's very realistic.

    Tossing It Out

    1. AH yes It was based on the little I could remember of an old episode of Lassie. I know it was old it was back in the days of Black and White tele and colour was a dream of the future.

  2. Ooh, It's like watching an episode of neighbours.

    1. AAAaaaaaauuuuuggghhhhhh I saw that once but you are right