Saturday, 25 July 2015

Poetry for JK Rowling

A Poem to celebrate JK Rowling and her remarkable Hedge. Well I am not one to let an opportunity pass by; particularly as I have a picture of a certain log based beast from my own mancky hedge many moons ago. 

A huge and mighty foreboding HEDGE
Looms up so high that no one can see over
Its top EDGE
Tales and rumour of secret magical worlds BEYOND
Have driven folk to desperately RESPOND
By pushing and poking
As they SEEK
Ways to see or just to get a tiny PEEK
But it’s all to no avail, it is an impregnable FORCE
Held together by wizards and magic of COURSE
But people still stare and WONDER
In a dreek Edinburgh listening to the rain and THUNDER
What strange and Fantastic Beasts they SAY
Scurry behind that Huge Hedge all DAY.
Is that the sound of Harry Potter or Hermione GRANGER?
Is Voldemort, head gardener?
Is there great DANGER
But the masses, they will never know
And as rain slowly runs down their SLEEVE
And they turn towards the town centre and take their LEAVE
Maybe returning some time next YEAR
To see if the huge and mighty
Foreboding Hedge

Is still HERE

The END   


  1. Yes Yes its all rubbish but its sort of the way I like to write them so that means I will never make it to Poets Corner. Mind You nor did Sir Francis Drake and he wrote all about smoking those host of molten Daffodils and stuff like that.

  2. Much better than tales of vomit and dodgy books Mr Z.

    1. Well I like to Hedge my bets Miss Lily HAH HAHA HAHHha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . . . . . Not sure exactly what that means?