Monday, 20 July 2015

Poetry for Dogs . . . sort of

If you go for a walk in the park
Run around and loudly Bark
And poo on the grass
And wee on a tree
Will the police then arrest you
Or leave you be

It is a perplexing question, so I asked a policeman what he thought might happen and he said. . . . If I had a Pound for everyone that asked me that. . . . HAH AHHAH Hah ahah ahha hah ah ha ha hha ha haha

A Fantastic Beast
Swallowed my Friend
Who vanished
And went
Right round the Bend

Though its intestine
And then through its Gut
Arriving back later
With their eyes

Firmly SHUT.


  1. I believe the answer to the first question is an ASBO and public humiliation.

    1. Sounds RUFF . . . . . . HAH AHAH AHah aha hha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha

  2. I'm not surprised they had their eyes shut, I'm sure where they went it's not pretty.

  3. We are in the process of trying to tame a wild dog. It lives mainly to the south of us, but comes down (the hill - we are near a bottom) to get food, water and snacks. It is not my future dog though, it will be my wife's, as what I really want next is a miniature Australian Shepherd, but that won't be until after Cooper is gone, which could be a few to many years, as he just recently turned 10, and he lives a life of eXtreme canine luxury & ease.

    1. What sort of dog is the wild dog Mr ESB, it sounds like it might be a good post for your blog. Blog sounds like a good name for a dog. If it is huge and has all the cunning and guile of a Wolf it might be a Wolf.

      I hope Cooper has many happy years ahead of him, our dog, a border collie lived to 17, it was very sad when she died but she also had a good life for a dog.

    2. She is a small dog with many names, besides the three my wife has used. The dog is very timid. It was right at the bowl of food last night but was then startled by some neighbor boys who rode by tOO close on their bicycles. Yes, you are correct, I need to blog this episode. If I could get another 5-7 years out of Cooper that would be nice. I spend far far more money on his medical care and preventives than I do on myself.