Friday, 22 May 2015

The continuing saga of the IKEA Kitchen. . . . .

I have been back working on the Kitchen today and it has been slow progress. One of the chunky hinges snapping closed on my finger and then to get it off I had to first find a screwdriver and then had to slide it into the side of the hinge and force it apart enough to escape. It was rather painful but it is OK (that’s me NOT the hinge, although it is OK too). Then later on I found a Stanley knife blade while rummaging in a box for some screws. There was not much blood and anyway the kitchen is a glossy blood red colour, something I have now conclusively proved. I am still working on the 2.2 metre units and the draws are all in and are even in the right place. The microwave is in and working, we need a microwave to make Cocoa and Hot Chocolate as well as defrosting the odd thing from the freezer.  We are not fans of microwave food but they are good to heat up an Indian takeaway from time to time. . .

Anyway I discovered today there are three different hinge types to deal with so I am using my technical know-how to work out which one goes where (luckily only one type bite, the biggest), OH yes that time spend in a secret research laboratory was not wasted. . . . AH DAMN forget I said that. I will say the IKEA kitchen appears to be fairly well made, for what is in kitchen terms a relatively cheap option, but the instructions (or lack of them) are rubbish. All we have are three diagrams of the unit door layout and where they go in the room and a very long list of parts. As for the inside of each unit it is vaguely based on a sketch we made, of what we wanted when we were at the store.  O well onward and upward.

What I need are some of those Mechanical Knights of Trumble-Spinny, they would have this kitchen finished and working before you could say. . . . . . . Why have we got a shelf left over . . . . . . .    


  1. Who knew that putting a kitchen together could be so dangerous? As for those Ikea instructions, it would be more comprehensible if they were written in Hieroglyphics. I tend to ignore them and just go about my business. Still, the book shelves I recently put up in the Lil man's room, turned out a treat. It was meant to be a bed but it still looks pretty good.

    1. The problem with having an entire kitchen is there are odd things that crop up and they are not entirely clear, so if you use the wrong hinge on the wrong unit the draws dont open. This only becomes clear when you cant open the draw. At that point you can then think AH YES that is why I have those hinges, but it would be useful if the instructions linked all the parts that go together rather than using a bit of guess work.

      But progress was good today and I will be able to knock down more wall in the next few days.

  2. Mr. R,

    An IKEA kitchen! You really do have to be careful with any instructions they sometimes have with their materials. You end up with a fitted toilet in your kitchen,


    1. Its all in control Mr G . . . Well when I say control I mean rational chaos. . . . .

      OK just chaos.