Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Marlin Mascots . . . . The A to Z of Slightly Strange Unknown Victorian Inventors and Explorers

Marlin Mascots

Another inventor who had known the right Honourable Arnold Alexander Axle Armstrong-Atlas and Georgina Gramophone Goshwell with whom there had been rumours of a relationship. although Merlin always denied everything claiming that the rumour was started by Benjamin Braithwaite Browning to deflect from his own misdemeanours .  

He realized though through their work though, that sound could be converted to motion so that it would be possible to create a sound powered motor. Inventing the Mascots Motion Motor, an incredibly clever device because the louder the noise the more powerful the motor became. And by building in a regulator and energy storage system the Mascots Motion Motor could be used even through quiet periods.

It was said that the Mascots Motion Motor could provide clean limitless energy for thousands of years by turning the sounds of nature into regular motion with no pollution and at almost no cost to the users.  A claim thought to have been proved by extensive tests carried out by the British Coal Board, but the Coal Board Chairman Mr Haggy Hatcher suddenly announced the shock news that the device had been destroyed and thrown down a disused mineshaft. The only witness a Mr Skippy Kangaroo saying he saw two men, one a muscular chap with a green glow and a rather ripped shirt on, carrying a Danister Detector while the other was shouting . . . . Haggy Haggy Haggy . . . out out out. . .  Although most conspiracy theorists have always claimed the British Coal Board just wanted the machine destroyed.  Strangely Marlin Mascots was never seen again and a brief statement from the British Coal Board announced that the news of the destruction of his machine was too much for Mr Mascots. And that he had gone completely mad convinced he was a penguin, and was convalescing at a secret location.  Thought by some to be the Green Acres Retirement Home for Naval Officers, because of its secure facilities.

Sadly there are only a few rough sketches left of the original machine as all the detailed drawings and plans were destroyed in a localized fire at the British Coal Boards central records office.


  1. Getting in there early, before the lil man comes back from building a car, to steal the laptop.

    I must say Mr Z, that coal board lot sound a mite suspicious. Still, it's all coming together quite nicely. Cannot wait to find out how this all ends.

    1. Sadly it does not end in a grand blistering shoot out in the Preposterous Club of Great Britain. . . . . . . . .DAMN I wish I had thought of that earlier what a great end DAMN and Double DAMN.

      O Well

      I hope the electric car is going to plan I look forward to seeing a picture of the beast on the blog at some point (that's the car, not the Lil man)

    2. Maybe a bit of a rewrite of Z and it might just be possible to have that big shoot out after all . . . . I mean by then there will be a Superhuman Electrical- Mechanical Android with a cats brain wandering about as well as the mysterious X so anything is possible

  2. I am loudly proud of you for having a line with 50% "ou" words:

    He realized though through their work though, that sound could

    As the French would say, "oui!"

    1. I may have added one two may though's though to that. It is what comes of writing first and thinking second. I need that Will Shakespeare to do a bit of text polishing and tweaking or I will be doomed to obscurity for ever. . . . . . Actually obscurity does have some perks. Signing autographs for one really confuses people