Monday, 10 November 2014

PART TWO of Harry Potter and the Curse of the Penguin

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Young Higgs is battling his way across the arctic tundra towards Hogwarts Academy using Mr Silvers Sledge pulled by the faithful Lassie who is keen but a bit rubbish as a Husky so making progress is slow. Elsewhere in the Kingdom however far to the North past The Black Gate of Mordor in the huge Winter Palace of St Petersburg home of The White Witch a small group were reviewing their great master plan.

Well said the White Witch our plan is working those stupid muggles and wizards have been distracted by those cute fluffy penguins. I never thought they would be so foolish.

YES your Highness They are proving to be rather popular and the adult Muggles are even crying over them the fools HAH HAHH HAH Ahah ha ha ha hah ah ah ha hah ah ah ah ah ah ahah ha hah ah ha hah ah ah said Professor John Lewstore White

Indeed said Professor Seriously White soon it will be winter for ever and no one will be able to do anything about it. Once the power of the Ring; the famous Artic Seal of Winter is in our grasp we will rule everything for ever 

Professor Penguinus Webfoot White adding Even Harry Potter is unaware of our plans, although Miss Granger is in a Strop again but She has been going on about Mary poppins turning up so I think she is going mad.
Nearby a strange kangaroo looking creature and a wild looking mancky dishevelled dog called Muttley sit looking out of a window muttering and chewing a soft fluffy cute looking Penguin.  The White Witch looks across at the beasts and shouts

No Harry Potter has not fallen down the old Mine shaft you stupid Kangaroo, how many times must I tell you.

suscchin Ruthin Huthin nuthin buuther tuther Smuther . nuthin buuther tuther Ruthin Huthin nuthin mutters Muttley or something similar, while the kangaroo shakes his head and looks to heaven in a knowing way.

Meanwhile back at Hogwarts as Young Higgs arrives the academy professors are pulling Harry Potter out of an old abandoned mineshaft which has opened up in one of the playing fields.

As Harry and Miss Granger watch young Higgs arrive Miss Granger asks Where is that woman the one who looks like Mary Poppins and that Big Rabbit with the knife.

AH I think we need a mirror a big one and a thing said Young Higgs

Well we have a big mirror says Harry we have the Mirror of Erised, but it is not good to look at that too long

And what sort of thing do you need says Hermione What about a spoon, full of sugar HAH HAHAH HAH Ahah ha ha ha hah ah ha hah ah ah ha ha ha hahah ah hahha ahah ah har

No I know says Young Higgs I need a fez and a false moustache

Both Harry and Hermione say what?

But after sniggering and a bit of magic they supply both items which Young Higgs puts on.

As Young Higgs stands in front of the mirror looking into it he says You see there they are.

Yes everyone says that Higgs. it’s the mirror, it’s what it does. . . says Hermione IT MAKES. . . . . . . .. 

But before she can finish her sentence leaping out of the mirror performing several summersaults and holding large samurai swords appear Alice and the Large White Rabbit.

HELLO MASTER HIGGS says Alice, the White Rabbit nodding. What’s the adventure this time, and why are you wearing a false Moustache and a fez?

You’re Looking VERY LARA croft says Harry Potter looking at her in a strange fluffy Penguin sort of way as Hermione looks daggers at him 

To Be Continued 



  1. A fez AND a false moustache? this is getting ca-ray-zee!
    Looking forward to the next instalment!

    1. It was an idea suggested by my good friend Mr Ben.

  2. I blame you, Rob, for my mistake. On Halloween I accidentaLLy made a donation to the Make-A-Witch Foundation. (I wonder if that is a tax deductable contribution?)

    I s'ppose I should eXplain my piece of humor when I realized you may not have the Make-A-Wish Foundation over there.

    1. I liked the ratio of birds to trees in your picture. It seemed just right.

    2. I dont think we have the Make a Wish foundation here in Britain, certainly not in the countryside thats for sure. I think we have a few witches though. . . .generally friendly ones. I used to know a little old lady who was a witch she was a lovely old soul.