Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Harry Potter Halloween Poem Part Two

Tonight I should be writing about the social Economic status of humans at a global level and why our present structure started. Plus a short history of why we are where we are, and all in about 500 to 600 words.  I also have to work out which animal to include for reasons that are too long to explain if you don’t know. But time is not on my side so instead I am writing a second Harry Potter based Halloween poem, because I know Harry secretly is a big fan (well he flaps about and folds up under pressure. . .HAH hahHAh ahHAHH AH hah HAH AH HA HAH AH haha ha ha ha ha).

Scratching Scratching at my front door
At Halloween a sound I do deplore
Those wizard kids with their friendly smile
Harry Potter and all his mates so vile
O be a sport do let us in
We would love some candy . . . And a glass of gin.
Scratching Scratching with a madman’s grin

Scratching Scratching in the black of night
Scratching Scratching in the dark, just out of sight
But we are only wizards and very nice
And would never turn you into little frogs or mice
But that Harry Potter is mad you know
With his odd scarred forehead . . . And his Smarmy glow
Scratching Scratching as the wild winds blow

Scratching Scratching like a demented Claw
Scratching Scratching at my front door
Oh that Mr Potter is very clever, pretending to be nice
But we all know he has a heart of ice
And that Miss Hermione Granger is just as bad
She buried her parents in the sands of Budapest
In an oak lined steel multi-locked Pirate Treasure Chest

Scratching Scratching. . .  You can let us out now Herminie
Scratching Scratching. . .  HELLO . . . Are you there
Scratching Scratching . . . HELP

Oh Dear

HAH HA HAHah ha hahah ah hah ahha hah ah ha hahah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ha ah ha ha hahh ahah ha ha ha haha h ah a ahahahha haah ah ha      


  1. Harry Potter is not quite dead,
    But will be soon, thanks to Mr Z.
    I like his friend though, that Ron Weasley,
    Though Hermione Granger can be quite Beastly.

    Enjoyed the rhythm of this poem Mr Z, especially the 'scratching scratching.' And I always knew that Hermione with her pixie face, was evil personified. Laughed out loud at her burying her folks in the sands of Budapest...which I guess kinda makes me evil personified too.

    1. It has to be read in a mad voice then it seems to work better. And yes it will not be long now and poor old Harry will a goner, sad really as I sort of like Harry before got all damn moody and stomped about through the entire film . . . . .

      I never read the books I am a terrible non reader of fiction. This is what happens when you peer out of windows at school and leave at sixteen unqualified knowing nothing.

  2. I wonder if they are scratching because they are itching? If they are scratching loud enough to be heard from inside your house, I would recommend a good dermatologist, or even a lousy one, as a louse may be the problem.

    1. the trouble with discussing louse, and small things that make folk scratch is that even discussing such things also makes folk scratch.

      Maybe if I stand in the shower and shout goldfish a lot it will help. . . . .

  3. Harry Potter, Harry Potter,
    Chased a girl but never got 'er
    Harry Potter, Harry Potter.
    Looks just like a lonely Train Spotter.....

    Sorry can't think of anything more sophisticated than that.

    1. Harry Potter ate an Otter going to the Fair
      Hermione Granger saw a Stranger
      Who ran off with her Selfie
      BARE. . . .

      That might be a bit dodgy for this blog

  4. I do love your poems Rob, they make me laugh :)

    1. Thanks Miss Laura, I know you are a bit of a Harry Potter fan, sadly I am planning to kill him off on Halloween (it only seems fair).