Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Scottish Independence YES or NO a final comment

Tomorrow is vote day, the big day in Scotland when both sides will be doing their bit and hoping for the best. One important thing to remember though is that all Scotsmen like a bit of a party. If Scotland votes YES there will be a huge party with folk leaping about knowing that over the next couple of years it will be all change and into the great unknown. If Scotland votes NO there will be a party, but not as good because everything will stay the same. Folk don’t generally have parties when stuff stays the same. Its like children having a party because they are not leaving home, these seldom happen because it’s hard to party when your parents are crying in the dining room.

While pondering things, two interesting thoughts came to mind. . . .Let’s face it someone normally nicks my thought and says it’s theirs, the first I have mentioned in FB as a passing comment but I thought well that’s interesting what will happen with that. You see I thought as we plan to adopt the Queen and let England have Prince (King) Charles then we could keep the pound as it’s the Queens face on it. Then I thought HANG ON what about stamps whose stamps will we use, because that lot at Royal Mail use any excuse to put up the price of stamps. I bet they try and charge extra for delivery to Europe. However I have a solution Scotland can sell its own stamps cheaper than the English ones and sell them over the internet to the English so they can send letters and parcels cheaper using the Scottish stamps . . . .  Yet another problem solved and a good revenue generator.

This brings me to my second point; you see Scotland has the highest number of Inventors, Discoverers and Explorers per head of population of any country in the world by a huge margin.  So although Independence will see many problems to solve, we are in fact the ideal nation to solve them all. In fact you could argue that we are so good at inventing and discovering things that it would be folly not to vote YES just so we can Invent and Discover even more things.  Even I, down in Shropshire often discover things in muddy holes which I prod with pointy sticks, you don’t see the English doing this . . . . . OK that’s not entire true I can think of at least one English man who prods at stuff with a point stick but they are few and far between.

So remember tomorrow you can either vote YES for an exciting and unknown world of Inventors and discoveries with a Queen and slightly cheaper stamps. Or you can vote NO and keep things the same with David Cameron and Prince Charles, a world of slightly more expensive stamps and the kids never leave home.

You know what to do. . . . .


  1. I do like the idea of the stamps. There's a logic there that can not be denied!
    The funny thing is, you could write all of my good ideas on the back of a stamp.... or the Queens head - but I don't that would be such a good idea now I think about it....

    1. Writing on the back of stamps got harder after they produced those self stick stamps. However it is now easier to stick the stamps on the back of the Queens head (as in the Queen not the pub) . It does mean that no one knows which way the Queen is pointing though, so no one can write on the back of her head.

      Interestingly I was just watching the national weather on the BBC News on the tele and thought will they stop telling us about the weather in Scotland now. . . . This Independance thing is complicated, maybe the weather will get better in Scotland if they are not on a weather map.

  2. It sucks that people keep stealing your ideas Mr Z, It shows a distinct lack of originality on their part and shows them up for the shallow fools that they obviously are.

    Anyway, I'd like to tell you about this idea that I've had for some time. Basically Scotland should sell their own stamps cheaper than the English ones and then sell them over the internet to the English so that they can send letters and parcels cheaper using the Scottish stamps.

    What do you think?

    1. You folk down South have a strange sense of humour, Luckily I know you are full of original ideas and some of them aren't even rude.

  3. I've been following this vote on our local radio this morning. Not that many people care around here, but I guess it's a nice respite from hearing about all the football players who have beat up their wives or kids. They're still talking about that, but not quite as much today.

    Tossing It Out