Saturday, 15 March 2014

missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and the vote in the Crimea

I have noticed two bits of news of interest lately and thought I should make my own little observations and speculations on both. The first is the Vote in Crimea (secession referendum)  about whether they should join Russia, and the second is the very sad and strange case of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

So Crimea is about to vote and decide its fate, at first glance you would say fair enough you either vote for option one .  . . . . Do you wish to rejoin the Russian federation . . . . .  Or option two. . . . . Do you wish to remain part of an independent Ukraine? You see that seems easy enough and a fair choice to find out what the people want and as most are Russian speaking it would be very likely that the pro Russian option would get most votes and the west would probably have to agree in the end.

However it appears President Putin and the Russians have panicked and just in case have given the people the following two options . . . . . . option one .  . . . . Do you wish to rejoin the Russian federation and enjoy economic success . . . . . . . . .  and option two . . . . . Do you wish to return to a state of limbo as was the case in 1990 when you were in political turmoil and had no money or friends within Europe and were running out of oil, and the rest of Ukraine will hate you. . . . . . . . Well I think once you sort of do that you make the whole vote a bit of a waste of time, it is like using torture to extract confessions and then saying there you go I told you they did it, it has no validity.

The other news is the missing plane, and there has been much speculation and both logical and mad theories about what may have happened and where it might has ended up, And I too have a theory about what might of happened.  You see I wondered if maybe it had hit a another aircraft head on and  partially destroying the pilots cabin ; in this part of the world there is always the possibility of unauthorized planes flying drugs about and the like.  It might then be possible that the pilots could have been killed or badly injured, the radio and communications destroyed but the aircraft still able to fly. Maybe the plane just keep going on auto-pilot until it ran out of fuel, or someone may have even tried to turn it back towards it takeoff point to attempt to get help somehow hoping it would be picked up on radar and alert people on the ground. But it was not spotted and just carried on till it ran out of fuel. If this was the case it may have turned more than once and may never be found if it crashed into the sea


  1. I am slightly worried about the situation in the Ukraine. Apart from all the oil pipe lines and the like, it seems serendipitous that is is 100 years since the start of World War One and things like that bother me.
    It doesn't take much for things to get out of hand when troops are stationed in places they shouldn't be (Ukraine troops having to protect their own land) and Russian troops hanging around in their neighbours back yard.
    You'd have thought, as a race, we would have learn't from history that guns and tanks are not the answer.

    As for the plane, I'm not sure a drugs plane (usually smaller cessna types - as far i know from the movies) would be at the same height as a passenger flight. One of my first thoughts was the pilot.
    As more info comes out it seems the tracking systems were turned off one by one and then the plane changed course.
    I'm definitely no expert but I'm sure only the pilot/ cabin crew would be able to do something like that.... as for the reasons - I have no idea. It's hard to get in the mind of somebody who MAY have caused the death of others.
    But the question that comes to my mind is, WHY turn off the tracking if you were just going to crash into the sea? The result is the same but there is less chance of being caught or stopped by somebody else on the crew.
    It's all very odd, but hopefully the relatives and friends of those who are missing will get the answers they need soon.

    1. Just realised I have used the word "serendipitous" in completely the wrong context. I apologise for my lack of education and any offence caused.

    2. I use the wrong words all the time. . . . . . So its OK with me Mr H and I dont get that many readers.

      Yes the thing with thee plane is odd they are talking a lot about he crew now but, the problem with that is; if you did intend to do something like this for a reason of some sort you would need to at least let people know why. It would make little sense unless you had totally lost the plot for some reason. Most airline pilots are fairly sane and rational (I hope), and although the pilot was politically active to do this makes no sense unless he left a video or a note.

      As for a collision in the air it is true most illegal flights use small planes that cant fly that high but some of the posher small jets I think can. Then there is always the options of spy planes and military flights, I suspect some countries would never admit they may have lost a plane if it should not have been there. And there was in theory a sighting of something in flames close to the point it lost contact.

      As with most things the truth will turn out to be fairly simple in the end, but they need to find the plane first.

    3. Oooooo I take it you have not won 109 million pounds either Mr H. . . .

    4. SPY planes! Didn't think of that. Clever. They would be hard pressed to admit a spy plane or DRONE was knocking about the area. That's got me thinking.....

    5. Especially if it was Chinese . . . .

  2. I am surprised that airline companies don't have constant communication with jets that cost several tens of millions of dollars, in order to know their exact location at aLL times. That is why I have put a tracking device on my spouse for when she flies to Crimea to vote to go with Prussia. We are actuaLLy being Ukrainian today by having Chicken Kiev for lunch. We get it already prepared and frozen from the Schwan's Food Delivery Service. So the sound that I hear right now that you can't is the sound of a mixer just turning off as it was making mashed potatoes. I askked my wife to save the potato peelings so we could make vodka, but she refused and they became refuse and were fused with other objects de trash.

    1. You are right it seems odd that something that expensive does not have a some sort of permanent link with the ground so it can be tracked. Particularly as the constant worry these days is terrorism. So it would make sense to have something terrorists can not deactivate, and is more sophisticated that a ping signal every couple of minutes . One of the other odd things is if it was in trouble and flying that long why did no one call by mobile from the plane. Maybe if it was hit by something the whole plane may have lost compression instantly. Not sure if folk would survive that or not. I am sure some of these posh planes have internet access to for first class, maybe they could see if people stopped using it at a particular point. It it did someone must have been using it, folk use it all the time with modern fancy phones.

      I am having Organic chicken for my evening meal, and strangely we had a free range ex-battery hen wandering about in our garden today in the sun. It was very sunny indeed today.

      I am not sure making Vodka is a safe thing to do,

  3. Great title for a blog.
    The mystery of the plane deepens, doesn't it? I sure hope they get some resolution ... my heart goes out to the families, waiting in agony.
    I'm surprised they even held a vote in Crimea. The result was pretty obvious ahead of time.
    Silvia @

    1. Yes the plane incident is very odd indeed, the only way to solve it now is to find the plane.

      As for the vote in Crimea I really dont understand why Russia twisted the options, they would have voted to join Russia, but they effectively invalidated the vote for the rest of the world which was stupid.