Saturday, 28 December 2013

Time and Geometry waits for no man

It is very late and I do not have much time to write because as I said it is very late so efficiency is of the upmost in order to make the best use of the time I have to write my diary entry, DAMN I appear to have got off to a rather bad start now . . . . .  Dawn (sorry DAMN) Ok to the point or it will be dawn before I get to the days events. Today’s first news appears to be that the Ghost Writers car, the one with the new clutch which has now done all of twenty miles has a problem. He is not entirely sure, but when he tried to use it this morning the new clutch failed and was doing what the old clutch did, this is not good news for the Ghost Writer who said DAMN and other stuff which is best not repeated here as this is a child friendly diary……. However when he tried it this afternoon it worked OK, this is what happened before and the key fact is that the car is freezing in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. Again this is what was happening with the old clutch . . . . How can a clutch not work when it is cold and be fine when two or three degree’s warmer. All he can do is try it in the morning and see if the same happens tomorrow.

We went to see Mrs E’s new charity shop she is manager of, and took some clothes for it and I have said I will make some Valentines Day Stuff for the window  . . . . . . First thought was to make a large robot Al Capone with huge machine guns shooting at a box of cute kittens, but I was told this is a rubbish idea. I did say it would look dead cool but I was told I was an IDIOT. Apparently there is a fine line between madness and genius according to the Ghost Writer but neither of us have found it yet, I guess the fact it is a fine line and our eye sight is a bit rubbish means it needs to be drawn a bit thicker.

I have eaten the second half of the rather yummy homemade chicken pie so that means there is no pie left. Therefore in short with no pi and a thin line we can’t see, Geometry is now just a case of clutching at straws, and even that is a problem as the clutch is not working and the straw has blown away in the wind.   

Now look at what you made me do I have run out of time . . . . . . . DAMN.

OK but at least everyone knows I ate half a pie.  . . . . . . ..  and some peas. 
OOOOOoooooo and deleted a person from the Group of Doom on FB  . . . . . 


  1. The GROUP OF DOOM???? I think I missed this. Are you part of an end of days cult Rob? Or are you one many who received a copy of a will that said the last one of you left on Facebook will inherit the secrets of what the F8 key does? Curious business indeed....

    1. Ah yes . . .The Group of Doom . . . . Well back in time before I started a blog and was writing my diary purely on FB (I still do by the way) I started the group of doom. Really only because it is possible to create groups and at the time no one had done it so I thought I would. Since then other groups with the same name have been formed, but I was first although there are only five members who are all folk I know and not much happens, doom is a bit like that. You are more than welcome to join the group Mr H it is the one with five members one of which is me. It is not so much a cult more a doomed cult.....

      I have pressed F8 at start up a few times in order to do stuff. does this mean I am a holder of a secret. Have you pressed F12 while on the internet is shows many secrets a little like in the film The Matrix.

    2. It would be okay if the box was bullet resistent and the kittens were throwing sticks of dynamite at Al Capone, but not if Al was then lighting the sticks of dynamite and throwing them back at the kittens.

    3. Oh my, I see that it has rain predicted for you for the neXt ten days. I found it interesting that "neXt ten" adds up to thirty, as there are 3 tens, a ten, a t-e-n in neXt then you are left with X, a Roman numeral ten.

    4. I think we might be OK here we have a sort of micro climate probably because this is the only part of Britain with Micro Gods. Therefore I am optimistic it will sunny, but with the occasional faulty car.... or as it could be put bearing in mind it is a car that cant move. an X car.

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    1. Hello Miss Laura it was a great pie and was very MMmmmmmmm