Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Return of Sunday's Past, IKEA and things that go Bleep at Christmas

Sundays here are starting to return to the way Sundays used to be a long time ago, part of this is due to the fact it is dark damp and cold at this time of year so no one likes leaping out into the day much. OK Mr Jones will, the slightest hint of an alien invasion force from a far distant planet with huge terrifying battle machines, the like of man has yet to conceive and he is out in the woods, naked and running about with his I AM YOUR FRIEND sign. But he is an exception, most folk are keeping their heads down and at present are thinking O my god its December what I am I going to get everyone for Christmas.

Actually while on that subject . . . .   O my god its December what I am I going to get everyone for Christmas.

Here is cyberspace you would think that Sundays would be much like any other day, but no it has also become very quiet in the murky world of social media on Sunday, although I can’t see why that should happen. Maybe my greatest fear has been realized; the entire world’s population has gone to IKEA or as Mr Jones likes to call it . . . . . The flimsy facade of aliens in a cunning plan to take over planet Earth.  . . . . . Yes he is convinced those little allen keys are in fact eggs that contain a small creature that will bore into your head and that will be the end of you. Well provided you pass the alien intelligent test first, the building of flat pack furniture, you see they plan to enslave all the less intelligent folk who fail the test, who will then become dinner.  . . . . it is a lose lose situation so best just to buy G plan  . . . . OOOOOOoooo hang on no Mr Jones says aliens . . .

While on the subject of Christmas and panic I don’t know if it is just me but once upon a time something new would turn up at Christmas something interesting that would keep us all interested. Like Steam Powered Goldfish, The Clockwork Invisible Man, Make your own Luminous Barrel Organ or a chemistry set that would make foaming pink stuff that could talk Swedish and ate pencils or even a humble reproduction 1950’s robot that would walk a short distance spin its head a bit then fall over. However today none of these things are available if you go hunting the vast voids of cyberspace for ideas for Christmas it seems to consist of the latest touch screen phone or the latest touch screen iPad thing or a games console. This is not what we want when it comes to the crunch what we want (well us chaps anyway) is a thing with wheels and gears and things we can unscrew and tinker with, and hissing noises and little motors. You would think with all the technology about these days someone would make a nice smallish not too expensive thing that did nothing useful, but sort of whizzed and chirped and looked like it was designed in the Victorian era. . . . . . . Hang on that sounds like me……..

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  1. I am late and faLLing behind as weLL as almost faLLing down a few times, mainly from complete and utter eXhaustion. I am torn between showering and sleep ...