Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Car, the Council, Rats and other stuff

The Ghost Writer has run off with one of our cars, well when I say run off he is in fact sat in it driving, he is not the sort of chap to run anywhere. He has done this because his own car is technically a little faulty as its clutch it not entirely working as it is meant too. The problem is to do with the fact clutch is not releasing when the pedal is pressed and as the clutch was changed about 30, 000 miles ago by the previous owner there is suspicion it might be a hydraulic problem. However if you look up his particular vehicle, a Fiat Multipla in cyberspace and see what folk say about this the general view is OOOOOOOooooo its not the clutch is it that will be expensive, those cars are a nightmare to sort clutches out. And it appears irrespective of what the fault is the engine needs to be removed which involves mechanics shaking heads, pointing fingers and making distressed tutting noises.

The Ghost Writer borrowed our car to attend a meeting where his work (a charity) warn everyone that due to funding negotiations getting protracted there is a risk everyone will be made redundant.  This happened last year also and much of it is to do with the local council on the Welsh side of the border not only being a little slow and inefficient about these things, but also desperate to cut a spending overspend. And I think there is a certain amount of stabbing one another in the back at present, something that can happen when folk are pushed to the edge, this is a natural human instinct (also shared by rats) which is why folk get crushed in panicking crowds or large men dress up as Dorothy when the ship sinks, or it may be they found a bargain on Amazon, well that what they tell the ships captain anyway  (Rats by the way don't dress up as Dorothy).

I have also been to see Mr P in Hospital today as promised to both Mr P and Mr M and he was looking rather happy today as he has been given a date to go home which is Monday. Lets hope he makes it after all he has been in hospital a year and most of that is waiting for the council to sort his accommodation out, strangely it’s the same council as the Ghost Writers work is funded by so I wonder if that is good or bad…….

In other news there were many tractors on the road today going places although I do not know why, where they came from or where they were going so to tell the truth it is pointless even mentioning that I saw them although I have now  . . . . .DAMN.

Finally we are having Homity Pie for tea WELL YUM I love Homity Pie………….

Ooooo yes I must get back to do some arty stuff I am less efficient in the cold. I bet I could make some great snowmen if snow was warm. . . . . 



  1. Your use of the word redundant reminded me that I think the refried beans from supper last night had secretly been fried only once.

    1. I try not to think of the recording of tractor sighting events as a pointless activity as tractors were a common thing in my childhood but now I rarely see them (in motion) as often. And it isn't a pointless activity if you remember to point at them, and in your case, point with a pointy stick. Question: If you point with a pointy stick is that kinda like double pointing? And if there was truly a point, a need, for the pointing, would that be considered a triple point? Just be glad you aren't also triple pointing at a pointer dog that is pointing back at you, The Universe may collapse.


    2. I was just thinking of words that might rhyme with point and appear to have thought of none (that's not none as in a word that rhymes, more a case of no words) Ooooo I have just thought of Joint (as in a bending point of a thing). This could mean bending points cant point at one another the universe is saved.

      People may be of the opinion we are mad reading all this, but all I can say to them is there is no point in speculating (just Paint).

    3. Ah, the appearance of madness is entertainingly delightful. We are just dealing with a truly bizarre person in Texas and we don't know if it is mental illness or mental stillness (telling stupid lies). We will just be glad when this person moves away and the marriage is no more.

      On the brighter side of things I am making soup, as I finaLLy got my second bottle of oyster sauce. Oh, my son gave me an apple last night caLLed a Honeycrisp and I think it was the best apple I have ever eaten. There is even a Wikipedia article about it, so this tree is more famous than me.

      I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamed that my best friend Susie had pet mice running around her house. They were tiny and she had them in costumes with cute little bows on their heads. I haven't told Susie yet.

    4. Susie was a Lion tamer
      Who had a tiny Mouse
      She dressed it in cute clothing
      And it ran around her house
      She would much prefer a Lion
      Bit they eat a lot of food
      And roar out of the window
      Which can be rather rude.

      The End . . . . . . HAH HAH AH HAH HAH HAH ah hah ah ha hha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha