Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas is getting closer. . . . . So things sneak out from the attic.....

Today was an interesting day because it was windy here seriously windy with stuff blowing all over the place and the house and the trees getting a good old battering (not as in a fish supper). That is fair enough there have been a couple of storms lately, and so far we have been lucky and missed the worst of them, only there was no talk of storms today on the BBC weather so it was a bit of a surprise. I think because we are sort of out in the sticks means the fact it was windy enough to blow the cat off into the distance, which it was not happy about, so is now hiding in a box next to the Christmas tree is not news of interest to the masses. I bet if it was the queen’s cat or even the queen that was blown off into the distance it would be an entirely different story.

Did you notice a certain two words in that last paragraph  . . . .Christmas Tree . . . . . Yes it is that time of year again; we got the Christmas tree out again, and yes we have a fake tree but it looks real enough and it is overall far more eco friendly than having a real one. No it really is, after many years of buying trees with roots on and planting them outside afterwards we discovered that they really hate being inside and have a habit of sulking for the next twenty years, and anyway most folk buy trees with no roots which sort of die.

Sorry I will try to get better pictures tomorrow

So today we decorated the Christmas tree and remade the home-made Christmas Chandelier, something I think everyone should make. On advantage in doing this today was that there was no need to venture out into the wild winds too far although I was sent off to hunt for the fairy lights (we have loads of them) as they were in a safe place in the garage. I am not sure it was that safe in the garage at the time of looking for them as it was a bit bouncy, still the wind has subsided a bit now and I am about to go off and eat food. Actually although I have written this before I eat my tea I will be posting after I finish eating so as far as you lot are concerned I have eaten, Hake and spicy potato wedges . . . . . YUM which returns me right back to where I started with the wind battering the house….. So I will go.

As it happens when I said I will go . . . .  that was ages ago now, but I really am going now….

I am


  1. I think an interesting site would be a cat and a queen being blown in the wind in this manner: the queen is standing still in the wind and then she is bumped into by a flying cat. The cat's momentum sends the queen flying in the wind a short distance but the cat stops where the queen was. The queen then stops a short distance away. Then the wind picks up the cat and sends it smashing into the queen again repeating the cycle. Then the weather service could add a graphical representation of cats-bumping-queens to represent the wind blowing.

    1. Damn I forgot to save my comment before I was distracted. . . . . I was hit head on by a Queen who was hit by a cat.

      There was an old lady who was hit by a cat
      That scratched and meowed and stuff like that
      And the cat went splat.

      There was an old lady hit by a queen
      As strange an image has ever been seen
      To be hit by a queen.

      DAMN I cant remember the rest of that rhyme.........

    2. I was trying to ruin the poem Trees by Joyce Kilmer yesterday for my son but I didn't get that modified content recorded.

    3. I must go and Google Trees .

  2. Agree about the Christmas trees. We always get fake ones; they last much longer and look just as good, and like you said, they are much more eco-friendly. Also, much less pine needles everywhere!

    1. Yes Miss Miss Laura that last point about the needles is the one that finally did it for us, there are only so many needles I can stick back on a tree with super glue.....