Monday, 11 November 2013

1000 blog posts, Blogger and the Diary of Rob Z Tobor . . . . .PHEW

As many of you know partly because I told you all yesterday I write my diary in many places, like on the side of trains, in tunnels, carved into old oak trees, and cyberspace, and one of those cyberspace locations is a blog. There are millions of blogs in the world which is a lot and I am sure I heard or read that the average blog has something like 10 posts or the like. I may be entirely wrong about that, but it is not a high figure and you need to work away at them in order to keep them going. My blog was a little late in starting as my diary in fact started in cyberspace elsewhere, but I like blogs and as a long term way to keep my diary going it is perfect. It was started on the 15th Feb 2011 and many things have happened since then although if you are a regular reader of my diary you will know by now things are not always as they appear and I can’t spell or type and in general forget loads of stuff and spend a lot of time defending myself against Zombies and almost communicating with Aliens.  It has also changed a bit over time which is probably all for the better, partly because the very nice Steven Spielberg is not getting any younger and my diary gets heavier by the day so his ability to pick it up and say WOW this would make a cool movie is becoming less likely. I may have to resort to using thinner paper to write it on……..

OK yes to get straight to the point today is a special day for my blog as this is post one thousand, yes the 1000th blog post and one of the first goals I set myself back in the early days. I am rather pleased I have reached it because I said once I did, I would stop posting my diary on a daily basis as it hard work and a little difficult to always find the time to do it,  I am after all only Super Human with X ray eyes and the power to leap over speeding cats.

Since I started the blog the pageview counter tells me I have reached just over 72,000 views which is an average of 7 views per post of which at least six and three quarters are spam auto robots. So I wish to thank my reader and say next time you eat a Jammie Dodger or Custard Cream or poke at the iphone with a pointy stick, attempt to stop a small child taking over the world, or paws for thought or are even quietly writing away at your own blog why not pause for a moment and say that blog is rubbish he’s an IDIOT.

If you are new to blogging and all keen and thinking OOOOooooooo I will have loads of followers and all will be hunky dory, that can happen but you will have to work at it much like most things in life really which as we all know is a bit of a nuisance, no one likes work.

Mr M by the way is still fighting off the gods, I think if he had a decent liver he would live to be at least 110 or more, sadly though he really cant have long until he goes off to see his maker and have a jolly good complain about being given a faulty part and will demand another go, but with more sparkly bits.


  1. Well done Rob! As much as I will miss having a daily post of yours to read, I do occasionally miss them and feel bad about it. Perhaps less frequent posting will give you time to live your life, then write about it.

    Whatever you decide, I'm sure this Blog will stand the test of time. You've already posted 100 times more than the average Blog, and long may it continue.

    P.S. You really deserve more readers than you get.

    1. Seeing as this is such a special occasion, I find myself agreeing with the Addman. Even though we all about the Jammy dodger/CUSTARD CREAM hatred between us, there is one thing we CAN agree on. THIS blog is one of the best things on the internet.
      Your hard work and dedication are inspiring and your drawings are well cool.
      Long may you run Mr RzB. :O)

    2. Hello Mr Addman and Mr H thanks you are both hardened loyal followers of this blog which just goes to show you are both stark staring mad.

      I dont have many followers but those I do have are rather diverse and I always think if we were all put in a room together we would all shuffle about going AH MMMMM and look like we have arrived at the wrong surprise party (I hate it when that happens).

      Many thanks for all your comments so far and I hope there will be many more to follow.