Monday, 6 May 2013

A large slithering creature, a fickle world and the sun

Today has been a lovely day, like a real summer day use to be, and it managed it on a bank holiday Monday too (May Day) so it is even more amazing. I spent part of the day hunting a large slithering creature which had slithered past the house at some point, I didn't hear it which I thought I might but the dog insists that because it is a slithering beast it would not make a noise. We have not entirely worked out what it eats yet, but probably humans I would guess or there would have been no fun in the pursuit of a huge unknown beast. Let’s face it a huge cow sized slug eating cabbages two or three at a time is never going to make the news.

In the news today there has been the very sad story of a family whom two of which were killed when their motorboat kept circling round over them after they fell out, it reminded me that many years ago the Ghost Writer once leapt into a runaway truck which was weaving about down a pedestrian only path after the driver fell out. No one was hurt on that occasion and the Ghost Writer thought he was very heroic but no one else seemed to, so his one opportunity to be a hero was lost for ever.  It is a strange and fickle world, a Ghost Writer stopping a runaway truck and no one is hurt is not news, when in reality it was extremely good news.

Anyway it has been a relatively good day here and much got done in the garden and I was only thrown into the Zombie Defence Trench for a very short time, I am still somewhat achy after my gorilla gardening yesterday so could not work fast or catch slithering beasts

Ooooooo and we got to have our evening meal out in the setting sun, when I say in the setting sun I refer to the view we were not physically in the sun it is far too hot I am told

I am sure there was more I was planning to say but it is getting late (again) and I am a little creaky. . . . . . .

So goodnight


  1. Perhaps the slithering creature eats people who eat cabbage. I recommend a full pot noodle based diet to ensure that no nutrition enters your system that could anger the beast.

    1. Thanks Mr Addman I had fears of my wilting post getting no comments. I have reached a point where my brain is not working in writing mode. I am close to not being able to post every day, but plan to grovel on all fours for a while across the dry desert plains, so I will take Pot Noddles with me to be safe. Its tough out in cyberspace.