Saturday, 27 April 2013

X mark’s the Spot

X X mark’s the Spot (yes yes yes,  but I did all the clever words last year)  

X marks the spot” said the old pirate looking at his map Har Har Har Har.
So he sailed the seven seas until he saw an island.
Where he saw a shepherd and said “I be looking for this X . . . . .  Har Har Har”
And the shepherd said “I have only seen ewes”.
So the old pirate walked across the island where he saw a curious man.
And the pirate said to the curious man “I be looking for this X … . .. . .. . Har Har Har”
And the curious man said “why”.
He walked past a large castle and said to a princess“I be looking for this X . . . … .  Har Har Har”.
But the princess was sleeping and said “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” rather a lot.
Then the pirate stood under a coconut palm where he saw a parrot and he said to the parrot “I be looking for this X . . . . . . . . . Har Har Har”.
And the parrot said “you’re holding that map upside down” and so the pirate turned the map the right way up and the parrot asked the pirate “what letter are you looking for now”.
And the pirate said “I still be looking for an X . . . . . . . . Har Har Har”.
And the parrot said “you mean like the large X twenty paces from that coconut tree over there”.
And the pirate said “Gold”.
And the pirate and the parrot lived happily ever after, hunting the letter X.



  1. Well done on a difficult letter...X.


    1. X is OK, but I have done it three times now so it is getting harder to think up something new each time.

  2. I like this fairytale; it's simple and there's a happy ending :)

    1. Yes I know its a happy ending (sorry), but it had to happen at some point. In fact it will all end OK at Z and everyone will live happily ever after.

      I am not sure the same is true of those Greek Gods of yours though, I don't know enough about Greek gods to know if any of them sailed off into the sunset smiling.

  3. Ewes, why and Zzzzz. Very Clever Rob Z, very clever. :)

    1. Toooooo clever I fear for this alphabet extravaganza of letters. I have been looking for the party, I was told there was a party. I tried the kitchen but it was not there and the dinning room but NO. I'm sure it cant be in the garden its too cold, even the car shouted 'ice warning' last night.

      I feel my A to Z party may have turned into a tin of cold alphabetti spaghetti. Still on top of some hot buttered toast with a few friendly RATs to sing round the camp fire, it has been fun (no honest I really mean it).

      Some say I'm mad, but its not true . . . . HA HA HA HA HA HAH HAHAH HAH AH HAH AH HAHAH HAH HAH AH hh ah h hah ah ah haahh ahah ha haah ahah hahah ha hah ah ah ah ahhahah ah ha hahah hahah hahah ha ha ha h haahha ha haha haah ah haha hahah ah ha...........

      HAH HAH AH HAH AH HAh hah ah ha hah hahah hahha ha . . . . . .

      AH DAMN

  4. I remember that Dr Dolittle had like a double headed llama, would that kinda be a double ewe?

    I think if he accidentaLLy rotated his map like maybe 45 degrees, then the X might have turned into a t, depending on your fontedness.

    1. Maybe Mr ESB there is a whole alphabet that is not an alphabet

      so we have double ewe, eye, and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm other words like mmmmmmmmmmmmmm .......... sea.

      I tried rotating my monitor by 45 degrees but my brain turned the x round to align with the text so it still looked like X . . . Brains do stuff like that but they cant type, well mine cant.

  5. Y do people insist on X-ing their treasure. Everybody knows what it stands for, and their treasure always get stolen. Who said pirates were clever?

    1. You have a valid point there Mr Flip, I have tried to ask a pirate about this and he says.

      HAR HAR HAR where's me rum.

      Well at least that's a better answer than I get from politicians, who claim the X is the fault of the opposition when they were in power and it will take time to remove the X. And that all treasure is subject to tax and VAT.