Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The inside of a huge three headed caterpillar with tusks eating ginger cake in an igloo and a funeral

Another day and as it happens a sad day because today was the funeral of Mr R B. Mr R B was a well known man who lived in Montgomery for many many years and we have known him for a long time as did most people in the town. He was for a long time the headmaster at a local school and as it happens also kept goats for many years, now I must point out this is purely a coincidence and I had not considered this till recently. And I can state with confidence that none of Mr R B’s goats were ever catapulted over his school, only certain goats are capable of flying ( I use the word loosely) and his were not flying goats.

Anyway mum and dad had planned to go to the funeral but as it happens dad needed to get a thing to put in a pipe to fix a thing that needs fixing and what with time and logistics being what they are they ended in the wrong place at the time of the funeral. However I suspect that Montgomery may well have been grid locked anyway as Mr R B was well liked and had links to all sorts of people; he was also a temporary vicar although I am not sure what a temporary vicar is called.  I believe there was to be Welsh songs sung too and I am not good at Welsh and singing so I it was probably best I was not there.

There was much talk of rain today by the man on the BBC weather on the radio (I say on the radio, he was not standing on it, it a sort of figure of speech thing) but at the time of typing none has materialized. It was very foggy first thing this morning so I took the opportunity to investigate what the inside of a huge three headed caterpillar with tusks eating ginger cake in an igloo made of clouds looked like when seen from the inside and I have to admit it is a bit of an anticlimax I was hoping to see bits like organs and blood not just loads of fog and mist and a crow and several pigeons.

In other news dad has given me a device to  put in a pipe to fix a thing that needs fixing  and has told me I can come in, have soon supper and go to bed as soon as I have fixed the thing that needs fixing       . AH  . . . . . . . . . . DAMN I better go then DAMN.

Tally Ho 


  1. I notice too many two things. I noticed that you put two spaces between the to and the put in the last paragraph. Maybe I should wrote pair of graph. Oops, now I am thinking of a pair of giraffes. The plural of knife is knives, so I wonder if it would be okay to go from giraffe to giravves?

    Sorry for your loss. I wonder if his goats miss him or if he had any goats at the time of his passing. I saw a sad movie about a Japanese dog whose master (Richard Gere was the actor) who died away from home. The dog would always meet his master at the train station and continued his daily trek even after his master passed away.

    1. Mr R B was quite elderly and frail and had been retired for sometime. He had also stopped keeping goats as they are quite hard work especially as his land was quite steep. Sadly his wife and one of his daughters are also ill at present so the family is having a tough time.

      I think you would make a great proof reader Mr ESB you notice little things that people miss. I think you should write a publisher and offer your services as a proof reader of mathematical and scientific publications

    2. I think that my services as a proof reader are perhaps being done by robots by now, so I am discouraged that the people who asked me to apply for an IT job haven't caLLed back but it has only been slightly less than one week since I turned in my paperwork to them.

      I just woke up and too early. It is s'pposed to be a rather warm day in the 70's and sunny. But it is stiLL dark outside and technicaLLy stiLL winter.

      I think my father-in-law has more than a dozen goats and he has names for everyone. I have just one dog and sometimes briefly a praying mantis. That is enough for me. Pineapples are easier.

    3. Not sure what the US is like but in the UK you can have several hundred people apply for the same job. So it is not uncommon for most never to hear a thing. A friend some time ago wrote a couple of hundred letters for jobs and got about 4 replies. He has a job he is happy with now but it can be a bit annoying not getting a response even if it is just . . . . OOOoooooo no go away.

      Im sure the pineapples will be looking forward to spring.

  2. Mr RB is in goat heaven, with a temporary bible in one hand and a net for catching flying goats in the other.

    What’s not to like?

    1. He was a good chap and always saw the best in everyone so I hope he is happy.

  3. you have finally gone completely badger shit.

    1. Are you sure, I am not entirely certain if that is good or bad . . .ger

      HAH AHHAH HAH hah hah ah hahahh ah hhah ah ahhah ahh ah hah hahah aha.

  4. Aha Rob,

    Yay, I have returned and am I glad I did. For, rather worryingly, I think I almost, kind of understood your posting.

    I wondering sort of pipe you might actually be talking about. *Cough* *Cough*

    Can I assume you might be somewhere in Britain? You see, I've been told I need a TV license and I haven't passed my test. Bloody annoying having an "L" sticker on my screen.

    RIP Mr. RB. This post, um you've goat to be kidding....


    1. Welcome back Mr G

      Yes I am in Britain on the English side of the England-Welsh border (just).

      The pipe really is a blocked pipe outside from a muddy hole (the soakaway a big hole full of sewage). It has been the subject of several posts lately. You see the thing is this really is a diary of what happens here in the quiet rolling hills of the British countryside.

      A TV license is rather useful in the UK as the fine for not having one is huge and they go to great lengths to track folk down to give them huge fines if they are sneakily watching TV. A large L will not help.

  5. Sorry for your loss Rob Z, Mr R B sounded like a very popular and well liked gentleman.

    Can you please tell me what country the three headed caterpillar with tusks eating ginger cake in an igloo made of clouds, is indigenous to? And where do they get the ginger cake from? I can't imagine them walking into Icelands, who are doing 2 for £1 by the way and purchasing such treats. After all, they don't even have pockets, where on earth would they keep the change? :)