Friday, 22 March 2013

The First Yeti of Spring and the last Dinosaurs of History

Last night the weather got a bit wild for a time, it started to snow, really nasty snow which was very wet and icy and would cling onto you if you ventured out, unfortunately I had to venture out with the cats as they were scared. It was also windy and so the snow was very wild indeed the cats ran about a bit and then headed for home where Sooty the Cat made it in through the patio doors, but Heavy Harry sort of went the wrong side of the door frame and hit the glass at speed. He then panicked and ran off into the wild snow and wind again arriving through the cat flap at the back of the house several minutes later looking like he had just seen a yeti; a wild wind sweep and snow covered yeti………

This morning started a bit calmer here but the weather has decayed as the day has progressed and as I type there is heavy snow and I notice on the news there are power cuts and all sorts of problems due to snow, rain and flooding, and the forecast is that it is going to get worse tomorrow.  Apparently it was 20˚C warmer on the same day last year. (I will check my diary)  . . . . . . Ah apparently I had roast Unicorn for tea, it was all part of a practice run for the alphabet A to Z blogging thing which unless you are also a blogger will be a bit confusing.

One slight advantage in the snow this morning before it all got horrible again was I discovered evidence of the famous Sparro birdyfootisaurs, a small dinosaur that people said had died out over one hundred and fifty million years ago which is said to be one of the missing links between the reptile like dinosaurs and the chicken pie (sorry I meant birds). And it is plainly clear from the photo that this was a creature with a lot of legs because these footprints went on for ages. 

Mum and dad also decided during a small break in the weather (another saying that makes no sense) they would head off to the Castle of the Bishop to do some panic buying and get a loaf of bread and a bottle (I mean one of the plastic non shaped things that wont pour correctly) of milk, but they had to buy the posh organic stuff because all the Bishops minions had already panic bought almost everything there was. Even the cute puppies in the pet shop were selling like hot cakes or should I say hot dogs, apparently fresh hot dogs are very popular when the supermarkets run out of food.

Ooooooo yes I’m sorry about the quality of my diary lately but I need some sun and heat it will now continue to decay in quality in proportion to the weather, so at present both are rubbish.       


  1. I think the Sparro birdyfootisaurs made its way to the campsite because those very same feet were seen going along two pitches and the road toward the dishwashing block.
    I following it along and was enjoing myself (doesn't take much) until i saw some stoopid human boot prints had trampled all over it (the foot prints not the dinosaur) and that spoilt my day somewhat.

    1. OOh yes, I forgot to say I am going to set myself up on the A to Z thing as I have missed out two years running. Keep your eyes for me. I will be the one that looks like me.

    2. Well fancy people walking all over the only conclusive evidence there might be of the Sparro birdyfootisaurs, the public are to put it bluntly heathens. A result of watching too many talentless talent shows is my opinion.

      Ooooo are you sure about the A to Z Mr H I have well planned ahead and have most posts written. My only word of advice is don't get too ambitious, think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint so pace yourself, keep each post short and simple and it is not so bad, and you do get Sundays off.

      Lastly Mr H I am really pleased to hear your news on your own blog about the Euro millions win. 15 million pounds WOW that is well cool, I bet that bank manager will even smile at you now just dont put in in a Cypriot bank at present.

  2. I am not eXactly sure what a "non shaped things" is or maybe what a "non shaped thing" are. It made me reaLLy start to think at 2:02 AM and that is not the time to begin thinking new things but to wind down the process of current things thinking, weLL at least I think that is right, this last sentence suDDenly sounds like a totaLLy new thought for me, a thought about thoughts, and I hope this is typing okay because I stopped looking at the screen and I am staring at the keyboard as aI type, because I guess I am just that tired. Now when I typed a word just then I also used the backspace key to tey to fix a mistake, but of course without looking I have absolutely know idea .. oh, I am reaLLy messed up because I started thinking about the complexity of typing about how I was typicaling about thinking about thinking and now my head feels like it is going to eXplode (wow did I reaLLy remember to do an uppercase X just then question mark) ... no. I must go now...pushing publish comment

    1. Oh, know I remember, I was starting a new thought about maybe I should invent a device to not cause my head to eXplode as additional thinking about preserving the thinking process, or at least the machinery of the thinking process.