Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Scrambled Brains, Gibberish and Nonsense

Right onwards with my diary  I have been writing it some  time now and most nights, except when I am not near my large and lumpy desk top PC, which is not often and tells you I do not travel long distances much.  And I am always keen to ensure it is exciting (OK a bit exciting OK it’s not exciting), I mentioned lately that its quality is directly proportional to the weather and it is now getting boring (the weather and my diary) I need some sun, heat and a non white environment with green plants and birds singing. It is very unnerving to be stalked by a gang of birds who have been watching that Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name (as in The Birds).

Sadly we saw a hawk on the road today which had become road kill, I guess it is tough out there being a hawk at present or anything, there are a lot of things struggling with their own diaries not just me.

I think the snow has also scrambled my brain I now am not only misspelling words, but I am also typing completely different words to the one I meant to type and misspelling them so the auto spell checker is correcting them but they were the wrong word in the first place. How can I write when my computer corrects the wrong word so it is right but still the wrong word?   The result is gibberish and nonsense, how will I keep my followers if all I type is nonsense . . . . . . . . . . . . . AH

Yesterday I told you that Miss Tiggy and Mr Chris visited and we all chatted and had a good time, well it appears they had somewhat of an epic trip home. You see they live at the end of a little lane in the hills and while they where out the wind had blown the snow across the road so on there return they found themselves trapped in a six foot snow drift. They were then saved by a man in a tractor who could only get to them by crossing fields and was able to tow them to a place to leave their car safely. They then had to walk the last bit in a re-enactment of Scott of the Antarctic, or as they made it a re-enactment of the Norwegian chap who beat Scott of the Antarctic who no one remembers unless they are Norwegian. Luckily the snow plough arrived this morning so they are free again.

I’m sure other stuff happened like Miss Fionaski the famous Russian spy was testing her skills in water supply sabotage  as part of an NVQ qualification in  spying, as you need to keep up to date with new techniques and skills, and I was removing snow from a roof in order to catapult a goat at a supermarket or a snow drift to hunt for sheep, there are a lot of lost sheep at present too.

OOOoooooo yes mum and dad have ordered a new oven to replace the strange Victorian affair that came with the house, and which is very good at all sorts of things except reliably cooking food.


  1. My friend at work once hit a hawk with his car. He felt really bad and pulled over. When he went to touch the hawk, it jumped up and attacked him. Turns out, in an unlikely twist of events, the hawk hit his car... Not the other way around. So that hawk may have not been dead, just plotting. Hawks are shady like that, it seems.


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

    1. Strangely I have a friend who had a similar incident happen to them, they found a buzzard lying on the road,so put it on the back seat of their car to take it to the vet. They then jumped in the car and were about to drive off when they noticed in the rear mirror a buzzard sat on the back seat staring at them so they jumped out of the car closely followed by the buzzard that then flew off like nothing had happened. It is all part of some great master plan.

  2. Hah! I can recognize you even when there is only half of you. I had opened up my blogger home page and had started scroLLing down through the latest blogposts from other people and I had stopped to read the opening lines for Badger's Vienna For Dummies and then right after that at the veRy bottom of the screen were the words "Scrambled Brains, Gibberish, and Nonsense" - and I immediately laughed and said, "I bet that is Rob". I was correct.

    1. I think in your case it must be three wrongs makes a right write, instead of two. I was so tired from lack of sleep today that on my way to let Cooper outside I also dialed my mother who I had not talked to in a couple days, and in the multitude of actions with Cooper reminding him to leave his dog bone inside and then he picked up a second which he also dropped just as soon as I started to speak and then reminding him after he went outside to come right back inside so we could nap and then the door made a fuNNy non-hahaha noise, weLL, the neXt thing I heard was my phone dialing faintly and I thought that sounds odd, why is my phone dialing? And then I started to laugh because I had just dialed my mother who then answered the phone and I told her my story and she enjoyed it veRy much AND said she could relate to it as weLL. She also has a dog who is tiny who distracts her. But the amount of distraction is not based on size. There may be a logarithmic function to weight vs distraction coefficient, not sure. WeLL, I must find supper. Wow! You must reaLLy be having a bunch of snow in order to do the whole Antarctic impersonation - have you seen any penguins? Any pigeons acting like penguins just cause they so many similar letters and amounts only tinier but at a distance one-eyed people wouldn't know anyway in a snow storm?

    2. I think small dogs are better at distraction than large dogs so it maybe an inverse law of distraction. In which case a infinitely small dog would cause an infinitely large distraction.

      We don't have snow pigeons but we do have snow pheasants although they have not mastered walking on snow very well but are brill at finding food under the snow.

      I was also very pleased that seeing the words Scrambled Brains, Gibberish, and Nonsense" made you realize it was me.

  3. Okay, just catching up on all the posts I've missed and I just so happened upon the snow dog, though not literally. I don't know whether to be impressed, or to sleep with the light on...I'm gonna go with impressed.

    It's all getting a bit silly this weather Rob Z. Where are the daffodils that herald Easter?? At least my chocolate eggs won't melt.

    Glad that Miss Tiggy and Mr Chris got home safely in the end. Snow is pretty but like a rabid dog, can turn nasty pretty quickly. :)

    1. The electricity meter was read today and the woman who came to read it said it was the best snow dog they have seen. OK it was the only snow dog they had seen but it was also the biggest anything they had seen, and that is good.

      Glad to see you back in the world of cyberspace Miss Lily, I hope you are well.

    2. Feeling much better Rob Z. I was injected (again) with radiation last week, in order to detect for anomalies and the effect was not pleasant. But it's now out of my system and I'm no longer glowing, or have super powers, which is a shame. :)

  4. Thems is some big ol' icicles! Not seen beauties like that since I moved out of the caravan. Boy that was a cold winter.
    I have spent the last four days digging all the snow of the pitches and roads around the campsite in preperation for easter. We've had to cancel a load of the grass bookings because we couldn't get rid.
    AAaaand I've hurt my back AAnnd its' its really cold.
    AAAaaaaaaaannnnnd... I've been told I'm TOO OLD for easter eggs.
    2013 is turning out to be a bit rubbish so far. I'm going to be very grump indeed for this a to z malarky.

    1. It you are grumpy before you start the A to Z Mr H wait till you get to about J or K and it seems to be a never ending job of thinking stuff up.

      Actually being really grumpy doing a very grumpy A to Z could be great fun if I am still about next year typing rubbish it might be the way to go. I might even suggest a MADs team effort.

      I wish you well for Easter and look after your back, and too old for Easter eggs I think not Mr H.