Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Zombies Zombots and Zomboids, Uncle Bob and the Inflatable Alter

The Ghost writer had his first day back at work today after the Christmas, New Year holiday and so has arrived here in his normal post work state of being a Zombie, although he says he achieved all his objectives today and hopes it will all work fine tomorrow when a few more folk turn up for work (although not the Ghost Writer). I have pointed out to the Ghost Writer that Zombies are a bit last year (a bit old hat) and so we are looking at a new twist on the idea based on robots. It is a development from yesterdays Sacrificial Robot idea so we are working on Zombots or Zomboids who have always been a little overlooked as scary things groaning and bleeping at you (a bit like the Ghost Writer in fact). So I think we need to look at 2013 as the year of the Zombot, dads preferred option as they are easier to make than a Zomboid and only require a bit of clockwork and stream powered integrated mechanics and some simple step-motor nano controlled feedback interface looping electronics. And as the old saying goes Bobs your Uncle or in this case your Zombot. Where did that saying start because Bob is not my uncle and I bet there are more people without an Uncle Bob than there are with………. 


There was a bit less sun that yesterday but none the less (yes . . . none the less what does that mean?) it was still sunny so it is sure sign that recyclable sacrificial robots being scarified on an inflatable Aztec style alter is a good idea all round. The only possible problem we can think of is that if you sacrifice too many recyclable sacrificial robots in one go you might end up with a rampaging army of Zombots who will chase you round the garden for most of the day while a large dog rolls about in hysterics pointing at you.  Maybe we will need to put a warning sign on the box saying something to the effect  . . . ..

Sacrificing more than five  recyclable  sacrificial robots in one day may damage your health or at the very least make you rather tired.  Batteries not included. Hours of sunlight subject to sessional and regional variations, please refer to instruction manual. For best results please call your Zombot Uncle Bob

OK that’s it for today I am going now to do things of an intellectual manor and ponder the world . . . . . .  


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