Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A new type of snow

A photo of the apple trees this morning

We woke up to more snow this morning which was a bit of a surprise because I'm sure the weather man on the BBC said it was not going to snow here.  They do that sometimes weathermen, I think maybe they are feeling a bit grumpy or don’t like their neighbours and have told them it should be great for cutting the grass or a barbecue or similar such events that are not ideal to undertake in thick snow.  Anyway according to the English teacher at school Eskimo’s have something like a hundred words for snow because every snow fall is different and every snowflake in every snow fall is different. Well today’s snow was certainly different to the snow we have had so far this year. And if today’s snow had fallen a few days ago then the Snow Zombie would certainly have looked a little more neat professional than he does. Dad says that Zombies should not look neat and professional and if they did they would be called politicians……………….… Dad does not like politicians  

OK yes that is just another distraction what I was going to say is that we had snow with holes in it today. I asked the English teacher what the Eskimo’s would call snow with holes in but they did not know, so I asked how the holes were formed but they did not know, so I asked whether snow with holes had fallen before because I have not seen snow with holes in before but they did not know. They said that it is not their fault and that they only deal with the language of snow not the geography and physics of snow but after asking the geography teacher and physics teacher about snow that has holes in they both said they did not know. I don’t wish to sound negative here but I’m sure when I get to school and ask teachers stuff they are not meant to say I don’t know. They never give me any marks in my exam when I answer questions with I don’t know . . . . . . . NOT FAIR

So on my return home I thought who would know something as important as how holey snow is created and the answer came into my head AH yes the dog, so I asked the dog and he said it was all part of the great road stealing conspiracy and that dads weather machine has a hole option and that the teenagers on the youth training scheme pinching roads for the government to sell to China were complaining they could not breath while hidden under all the snow so dad had created a whole new hole snow type of snow which he has now patented and is planning to sell to people who might need snow with holes and make millions. . . . . . . . . Mum however has said that dad is in fact an IDIOT I have been told Eskimo’s have just one word for idiot which I am told is IDIOT. 



  1. (I saved this comment from the era when comments weren't working)

    I wonder if the Eskimos only have one word for snow but when they talk their mouth & face are partiaLLy frozen in a hundred different ways. While at my mother's place we watched several episodes of a teleBision show caLLed Alaskan State Troopers. Their state has severe problems with alcohol, both overconsumption and moonshine production. They also have many mean moose.

    1. Well thanks for saving the comment, I have heard of the alcohol problems I think it is the clash of cultures. Sadly modern culture can crush many of the old ways and ideas which is sad. As for many mean moose it reminds me of the song

      There's a moose loose aboot this hoose..

    2. I don't think I have a moose, but I do have a reindeer who lives in my truck. His name is RIACH-herd, which has the first part meaning Reindeer In A Cup Holder.

    3. A Reindeer in a Cup Holder sounds like something we should all go and buy, although I am not sure what we then do with it.