Saturday, 29 December 2012

Rain, Helicopters and internationally agreed agreements on owl annoying as scientific research

Today started as another very wet grey day, I think I am starting to go a bit stir crazy because it makes getting outside rather difficult and my brain is turning to mush because of a lack of light. I did decide to go and sweep all the leaves and stuff off the drive because at least it is possible to stand on that without a squelching gurgling sound, but it did not take a long time. I also went looking for evidence of a dog which was spotted in the garden last night which was not The Dog who has told us he is going to be a weather man as he is getting rather good at predicting the weather, everyday now for about six months he has looked at the sky and said AH RAIN MARK MY WORDS and got it right every single time.  I am also attempting to get the model helicopter that I got for Christmas from Mr Charlie and Miss Jane to fly about without it attacking passers by. Luckily I can point at the dog and say its his fault, particularly as the dog is staring up at the sky and shaking his head muttering about rain. He does have the advantage though that being huge with very large pointy teeth and red eyes people tend to go AH and runaway. Just think if the BBC weathermen were huge with big pointy teeth and red eyes most people would stop complaining at them all the time telling them to produce some decent weather.

We were hoping to go to the sea for a day but with the roads flooded here and there and the constant rain I think it might just be a case of waiting until the sea level rises and comes to us instead. It would be good to live by the sea again (sort of). I say sort of because it can be a bit iffy at present by the sea, because it rather keen on moving inland. I don’t know if you know this but the UK is a bit like a seesaw and the south of Britain is getting lower each year and the north Scotland is getting higher. We are about in the middle so in theory will be OK I think, but one day the southeast will vanish completely a bit like Atlantis only it will be Essex (not entirely the same thing is it).

I think you can probably tell from both my writing and spelling of late I am loosing the plot but once it gets a bit lighter and warmer I will be my old self again……. So I will go again now and point at walls and laugh hysterically and chase Owls with remote control helicopters, purely in the interest of science by the way as part of internationally agreed agreements on Owl annoying. It was OK to eat Harry Potters Owl the other day because it was barn bred and not a free range bird.


  1. I think he has limits, the dog can become a weatherdog. I noticed something when you used the word annoying. I thought if someone named Ann was from Wyoming or had a last name Wyoming, then you could say, Why is Ann Wyoming so annoying? I wiLL save this sentence over in my speciaLLy prepared sentences box for future use.

    1. I think your specially prepared sentence is very good but of limited use, it is a very specialist sentence. But you are a man of chemistry knowledge and it is a subject full of very specialist sentences, so I have a feeling you may well be skilled in the noble art of integrating such specialist sentences into everyday conversation.

    2. I just discovered this while reading the WSJ:

      A true story: Chinese Destroy Hope in Nevada

      A Chinese miner named Lui Han plans to take the top off Mount Hope by Eureka NV to mine for molybdenum.

    3. I have recently discovered something marvelously entertaining, a teleBision series caLLed Duck Dynasty. The first of two seasons is available on DVD.

    4. I am going to harvest another pineapple today. This wiLL be my second.

    5. I read about molybdenum, I have never heard of it before and I am sure I will probably forget about it. But maybe one day someone will say molybdenum I will say AH YES atomic number 42..

      I have never heard of Duck Dynasty either, and was hoping it would involve 42 ducks.

      Well done on the second pineapple. A good way to end the year . . . .