Sunday, 2 December 2012

Mutant Flesh Eating Zombie Rabbit Christmas gift tags

With more of an effort on making homemade things for Christmas and also as we are all having a quieter day after last night’s party. It was a good party but there was one very loud band, they were a good band, but loud. I could tell when several folk ran screaming from the town hall clutching their ears and pointing towards the upstairs of the town hall, although at first I assumed it must be aliens hiding on the roof again.

AH  . . . OK as I was saying we are having a quiet day here and making things for Christmas, so I was helping by making small gift tags in particular Mutant Flesh Eating Zombie Rabbit gift tags. Although mum did say IDIOT as it appears I was meant to be making holly and Santa gift tags, I did explain that Mutant Flesh Eating Zombie Rabbit gift tags were far more popular that ordinary gift tags and no self respecting Goff would appreciate getting a present with a smiling reindeer looking them square in the eye.

It has been yet another cold day outside and so I have not ventured out into the elements, and am maintaining a minimum number of layers of clothing I have worked out that the optimum number of layers to maintain normal temp is eight so I am wearing 32 items of clothing at present but it is not ideal when trying to cut the fiddly bits of a Mutant Flesh Eating Zombie Rabbit gift tag. I am trying to think of some good Mutant Flesh Eating Zombie Rabbit jokes to put into the Christmas crackers, and we have found a nice selection of mummified things to add as gifts, so they will liven up the school Christmas party. 



  1. Ahh, nothing quite says Christmas like mutant flesh eating Zombie Rabbit gift tag. At least I now have an idea of what to get the Lil man this yule-tide...that's right, socks. :)

    1. Hello Miss Lily I hope you are feeling a bit better, seeing you back here I feel is a good sign.

      I hope that the Lil man's socks will be mutant flesh eating Zombie Rabbit Socks, I think he would like them, although not the pink pair.

      Some years ago I was given a pair of musical socks with reindeer on that played some awful Christmas Carol. For about five or six years they would keep playing the song and the slightest movement sneeze or cough would start them playing their tune again and again. Although they were ever only worn at Christmas, as you would with a pair of socks that have reindeer on and play a Christmas carol; they were washed almost every day in a vain attempt to stop them from working it was only when the battery finally failed that they were discarded. I have not been bought a pair of musical socks since which I feel may be for the best.....

  2. Dear Mr Anonymous I am sorry that I had to put you in the Spam box it is a bitter blow to both of us. But unlike so many of your other comments which sadly get zapped automatically, this particular one did not praise my blog enough.... If you had implied I was a genius and that the very nice Steven Spielberg would be a fool not to purchase the script for the one hundred and fifty two pounds I am holding out for, I might have let you stay. I know; that price is a bargain bearing in mind we are talking about 400,000 words now but Mr Spielberg drives a hard bargain.

    SO there you are Mr Anon; I am afraid as John Wayne would have put it in the classic movie One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

    "Get off you horse and drink your milk" .....

    Yes sorry I don't understand it either but it may be the reason he was driven off in a white van and locked away in that film to recover. The last I heard was when a man in a long white coat asked Mr Wayne if he was OK and he said

    "The HELL I am . . . . . . .AH that was a mistake . . . .DAMN"

  3. Hahaha! I'm sure that told him Rob Z.

    You do know that you've finally made it as a blogger, when you start getting spam (not the tinned variety) and emails from Anonymous. He/she only comments on the best blogs, don't you know.

    1. Yes behind the scenes I have had quite a lot of anonymous comments but they get zapped automatically, I have told Mr Anonymous he gets zapped automatically but he is very persistent and finally made it to the blog. If only he(she?) had been a little more flattering about my blog they might have stayed but they were not and so I was forced to remove them myself.

      But I will say here and now that if you must leave an anonymous comment with a dodgy link just make sure the comment is so good I will feel I need to leave it in place . . . . . And this is a child friendly (almost anyway) blog so beware of any really dodgy links, or well I will be forced to do what a man has to do