Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Famous Russian Spy called Miss Fionaski and the intrepid Siberian forests of Siberia

As you know over the last few days I have complained that it has been very very cold, so in a sort of themed weather based continuation of my diary, I can tell you all in a very loud voice, well I would if I was able to type in a loud voice, that today was in fact very very very cold, no it really was it was cold. It was the sort of cold where you might bump into say a Famous Russian Spy called Miss Fionaski who might be out practising her abilities at moving through the intrepid Siberian forests of Siberia navigating using only the stars. So as Miss Fionaski was passing us as she navigated the wild woods she called in to say hello, discuss the new shortwave radio code cipher with mum . . . . . .XAQ145F3NNp  . . . . . Which I am not allowed to tell you about or it will ruin months of hard work . . . . . . . . .AH DAMN sorry about that, apparently mum says that Mr President Putin has just sent a message saying I AM AN  IDIOT. Hay a message from President Putin that’s cool.

Miss Fionaski  The Famous Russian Spy

While Miss Fionaski was here I showed her the Christmas tree, she likes Christmas and she was showing me her cunning spy electronics that allowed her to see all the stars in the sky even during the day and her translator which automatically translates into any language. So I tried to get it to translate My seagull called yod has eaten all your cheese slices but it said   Радио является большим для членов КГБ и тайных агентов, which turned out to be the wrong response in Russian. Then Miss Fionaski vanished off into the cold to meet people and take pictures of secret things.

Not Long after that Miss Issy turned up and said it was jolly damn cold, so cold that she would not be surprised to meet a famous Russian spy on a training mission in the woods as they looked just like the  intrepid Siberian forests of Siberia; (that’s the woods not the Famous Russian Spy).

So that’s it I am running away to a warmer place leaving none but the hardiest of beasts fighting through the cold hard frost of winter. I did see a shadowy figure with a big red cloak which had white fur lined edges and a hood and they were wearing big black boots and carrying a large suspicious sack and may have had a false beard;  so I shouted out to them in a friendly gesture Радио является большим для членов КГБ и тайных агентов but they ran off hiding their face, back into the woods. Muttering something about President Putin and the letter he sent to Lapland


  1. I too saw a shadowy figure with a hood, a beard as a disguise, wearing black boots and carrying a suspicious sack. I believe round here, we call them burglars.

    1. I think some of them round here might be burglars as well, although in our part of the world they are rare. I think this is because some of the locals are just as likely to turn to methods of local justice. Not all of which are approved by the health and safety committee.

  2. Привет Роб. Я думал, я хотел бы попробовать в шпионаже и отправить это сообщение к вам на русском языке. Если кто-то еще использует Goggle переводить, чтобы прочитать это сообщение, пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что в КГБ, МИ-6 и МФО и BBC будет вскоре вместе конфисковать ваш компьютер.

    1. Well Mr H that was well impressive it worked rather well I don't entirely trust translators; but I will now make sure MFI staff are not allowed in the house. And I have hidden my computer in the secret chamber under the carpet. They will never look there . . . . . . Maybe I should not have written that . . .DAMN

      By the way I tried a different translator although I was only able to get Ukrainian as an option. But the result was very interesting.....

      Hi Rob. I thought, I'm a hotel by poprobovat′ in the village and a tape send reporting to you on the Russian âzyke. If someone else ispol′zuet Goggle puts, to the cat′ èto alert, please select (English)