Sunday, 2 September 2012

The jet wash, the International Space Station, electrical tape, Converse trainers and a big spider.

You would think that after all this time I would have learnt not to play Scissors Paper Stone, but the dog said I could only be excused from the game of Scissors Paper Stone if I won a game of Paper Scissors Stone. Unfortunately I did not win so had to play a game of Paper Scissors Stone because someone had to jet wash the drive to clear all the moss at the side of the house.

So after losing I was sent out with the jet wash; it is getting on a bit and held together with plastic electrical tape, well some of the key high pressure joints are. It is amazing stuff that plastic electrical tape we use it for all sorts of stuff from electrical repairs to plumbing to sealing windows on the International Space Station. Dad did that on an emergency call out, although I think he sort of glossed over just how he repaired the windows. His little cash in hand business Space Station Maintenance and Repairs LTD “No job too small” does not get much work, but his emergency call out fee makes it all worth while; particularly if it’s on the weekend.  I just hope they don’t try and open the window.

Anyway back to the point in hand, or should I say the jet wash in hand. It took ages to do it but it is the first time the side of the house has been moss free since we have been here, and with the conifer no longer shading the area it should remain free of moss and those alien critters as well, as this was the spot where the huge pile of conifer was located. It appears I have done a really great job and mum and dad have said that I did such a good job that I can do it again next time……………… AH.

Converse Trainers do not get old they just fade away

My good old Converse All Star trainers are not good in water these days and are showing signs of wear and tear, but as I think I have said previously this is the point they are at there most comfy……. Well they would be if they were not a bit on the damp side.

Well that’s about it for today, although luckily I have managed to mention aliens, the International Space Station and Zombies sucking the brains our of astronauts…….OK I have no mentioned  Zombies sucking the brains our of astronauts, although by a stroke of luck I have now; twice………….PHEW.

My diary is always more popular with aliens and zombies in it, rather than jet washers and electrical tape…….

Ooooooo saw a big spider tonight too, he is in the greenhouse, thought the pic turned out rather well if I say so myself..............  WELL COOL

A Very Cool bit of Music


  1. I just love my anonymous comments it is such a shame they are all zapped as spam. But I had reason to check them today to save a friend in need.

    Anyway Mr/Mrs Anonymous were kind enough to say the following about my coverage of the Olympics

    'Mаy I ѕimply just say ωhat a relief to uncoveг an іndіviduаl who really understаnds what they're discussing on the web. You certainly realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people have to check this out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you aren't more popular because уou dеfinitely have the gift'

    What can I say except YEP they are right on the button, I couldn't agree more..

  2. As soon as I had read just the first 41.86% of the first sentence, I thought, "He should be playing Rock, Stone, Scissors instead", hah! - not knowing you were going to say Rock Scissors Stone in the remaining 58.14%. I wonder if I am part Welsh?

    Thanks again for fixin' my comment problem!

    1. I can never remember if Scissors Paper Stone is Scissors Paper Stone or Rock Paper Stone or Rock Scissors Stone or Rock Stone Paper.... It reminds me of an old saying that goes

      Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place.

      Maybe you are part Welsh Mr ESB although between you and me I am in fact from Scotland, there is a lot of rock in Scotland...

      As for the help I am not sure I have fixed anything but at least you know what the problem was or is now.... Maybe Blogger are funded by a large Pineapple cartel doing their best to stop folk growing their own

    2. I wrote a wonderful comment, but I was jumping around on my iPad between various web pages gathering accurate versions of what I wanted to eXpress, BUT then right at the end the particular window I had open to your web site refreshed itself and lost aLL my work! How terrible that such nonsense occurs on my iPad when the Firefox browser never does that on my PC. Bi-zarre.

    3. Well I will say that if I jumped on my PC I think I would break it so I am impressed.... But such is IT that the best comments are the ones that get away.. a bit like fish.

  3. The Converse appear to have made a trek from San Diego to Kiev, including walking on water.

    1. A trek from San Diego to Kiev, would be great particularly for interest in my diary, but they just go round in circles on the English Welsh borders walking in rather than on water.

      They now have a unique character all their own which cant be bad, as this is something we should all aspire too.