Monday, 3 September 2012

Paper Plastic Metal Stone Scissors Rock and an electric hedge trimmer

Because dad built a steam powered hedge trimmer it was decided today it might be best to get an electric one, particularly as we are now generating our own electricity with solar panels. And trying to cut a hedge with a monster machine with stream and flames and smoke blasting out of it in all directions is not easy. And the noise scares the cows who then stampede through the hedge rather defeating the point of trimming it. So after a game of Stone Scissors Rock. Or was it Paper Plastic Metal the new trendy recycling version I found myself trimming the hedge with the new electric hedge trimmer which did not scare the cows a bit….

I have either one or two days left until I return to school, WHAT….. How did that happen. And as some of you know that is also the end of this book ‘The Eccentric Diary of Rob Z Tobor Year Two so I will need to give some serious thought as to what to call Year three’s diary…..

Ooooo I saw another spider today in a Christmas tree and I saw Miss Fionaski the Famous Russian Spy in a car and Miss Vicky the Proof Reader on our veranda……      

I should write more but well it is late-ish and I think I need a sit down and a chill. No complaints please because I do this everyday and it is not easy……. Ooooo if you are watching the block buster movie I would consider working your way towards the exit before the mad rush because Mr Bond stops the clock on the bomb with three seconds to go and we all go home……….. AH I don’t think I was meant to tell you that……



  1. Oh dear, I remember the dread that came along with the first day of school, but high school really is the best time, like, EVER! (I'm assuming you're in high school!) Great pic of the spidey by the way!

    I don't have a hedge, but I've always wanted to trim one! In a fancy design, like a dragon, or a whale or something!

    1. I think I'm in high school, you can certainly see a long way down the valley from the playground. And I know some of the teachers have been told off by the headmaster for using certain substances that the chemistry teacher experiments with.

      We have a lot of hedge it would be great to trim it into an interesting shape but alas it is the wrong type of hedge.

  2. So, a thin person who plants hedges would be caLLed a 'trim hedger'? Ah-----hahahahahahahahaaahhhhahahahaHAHAHahahahahah ....

    1. A trim Hedger........ Ah-----hahahahahahahahaaahhhhahahahaHAHAHahahahahah ....HA HA ha.

      Just think Mr ESB only 24hrs ago that would have been turned into spam (not the tin of meat)