Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Werewolf, a Earthling, the moon and Tiny Tim . . . .

I have been pottering about today in the garden looking for interesting things and doing stuff. I guess with my readership being international it might be best to explain what pottering is because in does not involve making pots, as in a potters wheel or the old tradition of coil pots. It refers to dong things that sort of need doing but in a sort of non urgent way, possibly even getting distracted for a short time to look at cows arguing about tunnels and realizing they have travelled at least three hundred yards in the wrong direction again…..

And I don’t think you can be pottering if you do something that is of no use to man nor beast because that is generally called messing about and I often get the two confused and discover I spent the day messing about when I thought I was pottering. I did remove two wooden posts but not the one with cables attached to the top with 11,000 volts going through them.  Then after a game of Scissors Paper Stone which I seem to loose again I found myself strimming all the grass; WELL that was not fair.

The moon is very bright tonight which can only mean one thing Werewolf’s. They are rather partial to bright moons, and myself and the dog have spent sometime out watching for them, but the true is that things are not idea for Werewolf’s. What with the cows using the moon light to practice wandering about in random and completely unsuspicious way, but looking incredibly suspicious about it while trying to dispose of soil from the tunnel. 

Then of course there is Mr Jones who sees nights like this as perfect for an alien encounter so is running about in the wood with no clothes again with I am an earthling written in permanent marker pen on his chest plus a smiley face which then looks grumpy when he looks down to see where he is going. He has to do this because the woods are full of cow sized holes.

Then there are those damn owls who seem to have been taught that song by the squirrels now so they are sitting on the power lines dancing and singing Tip Toe Through The Tulips, I cant see any self respecting Werewolf joining in with that lot, so we are off. . .

Ooooooo hang on though look at that? . . . . . . . . .. that’s a surprise.



  1. 11:19 pm is officially harvest moon so if you live in the Northern hemisphere time to get that coat on and join the Werewolf and go howling at the moon

  2. I just bought a book (today-ish) where the author grew up near the neighborhood close to the neighborhood of Tiny Tim's bride. I think I got that cor-rect.

    1. It just goes to show want a tiny (sorry Small) world it is . . . .

  3. I was never any good at paper scissors stone either. No matter what i choose I always loose, even when I got first go.

    Lets try it now. I choose PAPER.

    Your go.

    1. All I have is a pair of scissors Mr H, I thought I had a stone but it fell through the hole in my pocket made by the pair of scissors. . . . . . I have never worked out who wins when that happens but the dog says it must be him.