Sunday, 5 August 2012

The 100m Olympic Games final and the legend of Chicken Bolti

It has been a wet Sunday, with lots of very heavy showers, not the sort of day you want at the beginning of August so I have been keeping my head down and doing a bit of painting. It is not a good summer for adventure so far, myself and the dog have hardly been out anywhere.

The painting it slowly progressing, the dog says I should keep in position just behind the leading pack keeping an even stoke and not splashing paint everywhere and avoid runs. He has been giving me tactical advice all day and I am now close to the final turn although due to bad light we have stopped. It is very annoying as instead of huge flood lights we are dependent at present on one of those stupid energy saving light bulbs. I can see how they save energy they don’t actually produce any light. It appears that whether or not I make it to the final will depend on how well I negotiate the edges, if I go wonky it will all be over, but that will now be in the next heat.

The Chicken ran tonight in the 100m final of the Olympic Games, as you might guess this was not official he ran down the side of the track, after all he is only small and in general was not noticed by most of the runners although he did put one of them off who was not happy with him (sorry Her). But the chicken has seen it all before and is not known as Chicken Bolti for nothing ……………… HAH HAHHAHHAh hah ah hahhah haha hah haha hah hhah hahahha hahha. 

Anyway the British Olympic plan is still going to plan, surely this can’t last even Andy won the tennis COME ON TIM……..

However I would like to add one very black and negative statement to all this smiling in Britain at present as we glory in the glory of actually winning stuff…………. I can not be the only person thinking this but may be the only one brave enough to say it………..

Will someone stop playing *********** ****** **** Chariots of Fire on loop at every opportunity in every dam venue all day long……. Dear God it may be OK as a piece of music in context but I for one will now burn every copy of this I ever come across now…….. I never wish to hear it ever again….  

Ooooo off to Brecon with the Ghost Writer tomorrow WELL COOL


  1. Why can't they play the actual official olympic song? They commissioned Muse to write a massive sounding song, then promptly ignored it in favour of Chariots Of Fire and Dizzee Rascal's Bonkers, which I must have heard at least 5 times now.

    1. I think they should play .....Always look on the Bright side of life....