Monday, 13 August 2012

An alternative assessment of the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games and the Olympic Legacy

I am late very very late, in fact it is tomorrow now because of this …….AH. Anyway the reason for this late diary entry was to watch the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games to see how it faired. It all went remarkably well as it happens; although on a personal level, I sort of felt they tried to squeeze a bit much in.

As always happens in these things the athletes took just a bit longer than they are meant too to get into place and the subtle herding towards the end got a bit less subtle. And it all got off to a flying start with loads of good music and clever little quirky classic British stuff.  But then it sort of just lost its way as it run into Fat Boy slim and the like.

But then all was saved by Eric Idle Singing 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' a true classic of what Britain is all about and the perfect song to confuse a fair percentage of the worlds countries. And Brian May was really good too, just a shame that Freddie is dead; a bit like John Lennon, what I particularly liked about John Lennon’s performance was that although he is dead he did a much better job of it than Paul did at the start.

I thought it rather interesting that bearing in mind the Olympic stance on Drug taking that a fair number of the featured music was from groups and musicians who have over the years taken one or two substances that would be a little frowned on in the test lab. I also thought that the roller-skating nuns was a sneaky and cunning way to upset one or two of the more strict catholic countries, along with the some of the more scantily clad people. However we did throw in some morris dancers just so they know us Brits are WELL COOL and a man on a high wire who set fire a shop clothes dummy……. Yes only us Brits would do that….

Sadly I saw the spice girls but they were not on long and seem to have lost the knack a bit (maybe it just me, I was never a fan)

I rather liked the little Rio bit the classic seventies flared cat suits and afro hair was brill as was Elvis. You see Rio were able to raise Elvis from the dead, now that really is Cool, we tried to trump this with a neat trick at the end by putting The Who centre stage, a damn clever move they no doubt remember those flared cat suits and Elvis like it was yesterday.

Talking of yesterday, this is yesterdays diary entry because today is today …….. DAMN I said that at the start ……..GOODNIGHT ALL.

One final point……  I would just like to point out that the Olympic Game legacy has finally taken root in that closing Olympic Ceremony ……. We all want to play guitar like Brian May…………. sod all that running about 



  1. It was all a little confusing, to say the least but the music was brilliant.
    Watching the fireworks from the Lil man's bedroom window was spectacular, hearing the Spice Girls screeching through the microphone however was a tad painful, causing several planes to crash land in the nearby vicinity and our urban foxes to howl loudly in despair...okay, maybe I'm lying a little bit.

    Brazil's presentation was good, can't go wrong with afros and half-naked men...

    1. Yes I think there was a general view it was a bit confusing, but I think that was part of the plan.

      Still I guess you get two weeks off now before the Para-Olympics start up and it all kicks off again with restrictions on what you can do.