Friday, 20 July 2012

The great tradition of British Inventors in the technological development of wheelbarrows

The summer Holiday officially started today so Mmmmmmmm Loads to do? Why is it you think you have loads to do; you will be really really busy this summer holiday and have no spare time to do the dull things then after a short time you think……. AH what will I do? I will admit I usually last longer than three hours though before this happens but I blame the weather, not that the weather is bad, in fact it has been rather nice today but I am mentally adjusted now to dull and wet…..

As it happened Mr Charlie and Miss Jane came to see us for lunch so that was cool, lunch even lasted until early evening so we had a six hour lunchtime which is very cool. Mr Charlie is a great inventor of inventions, not those boring mass production useful inventions but inventions that are interesting and quirky in the true tradition of mad British inventors, like dad so they get on very well.

He (Mr Charlie) is in the process on making a special self propelled, gyroscopically balanced auto-tipping wheelbarrow using parts from a BSA Bantam, 15 bicycles, a U2 spy plane and a wheelbarrow. It will enable Miss Jane to shift huge amounts of stuff in their garden and put it into a precise location, accurate to within a millimetre of any latitude, longitude co-ordinate on Earth. So they will have the most accurate wheelbarrow on the planet. If it all goes to plan he thinks demand for this will be enormous because at present most gardeners just dump things at the bottom of the garden without a thought about coordinates which is just sloppy gardening. Miss Jane says she does not want a high tech wheelbarrow just one where the wheel does not fall off or go flat. Both Miss Jane and Mum have said IDIOT but they don’t understand the great advances in the technological development of wheelbarrows that Mr Charlie’s invention will bring to the world.

I bet when George Stevenson first invented the train and laid the track down his garden to the potting shed so Mrs Stevenson did not have to walk so far; Mrs Stevenson probably said “I just wanted so crazy paving dear not that monstrosity”.  But look where it led we can now wait on long concrete platforms in the cool and wet for hours before squeezing into an overcrowded train at a huge cost to ourselves to arrive somewhere late and miss an appointment.

You see without great minds like dad or Mr Charlie we would all still spend all day laying about chilled drinking beer outside a cave waiting for dinner to walk past, then sleep it off and do the same tomorrow. No work to do or tax to pay.



  1. A Glorious Summer of Rob Things

    I made this list of Rob type things to do. Don't think of it as a bucket list, but more a pail.

    A) Practice making Robin noises. (Birds, not Batman's sidekick)
    B) Write a play about a Robber baron who spends his summer studying robberies.
    C) Rewrite the movie RoboCop as a ballet.
    D) Learn to play the tRombone.
    E) Practice making Robin noises. (Batman's sidekick, not birds.)
    F) Learn the delicate craft of cooking coRn on the cob.
    G) ThRow a second birthday party for the Queen, but hold it on your birthday. Then when eveRy one is singing happy birthday it wiLL be for you.

    1. The last one (G) is an option as my birthday is not that far away as it happens, well a few weeks but within the window of the holiday.

      Not sure about (F) that sounds like hard work

      As for (E) Holy Smoke Mr ESB I must read my bat book ....... POW ZAPP

      I have been reading my anatomy book to do (D) but not found the Trom Bone

      I will try and do (C) as a film re-enactment one day during the holiday..... Hasta la vista, baby Swan eat those feathers.........

      I am happy to be a Baron (B) so will try and remember to do this one day too.... PHEW

      As for (A) well Mr ESB I could not do that one as I will feel like a complete TWEET ........ ...... .... HAH HAHAHHAH HAH HAHH AH HAH HAHHAH HAH ha hahah hah haha hah ah aahh ahhah ha hah ha

  2. I always used to get bored on Summer holidays, I always had lots of plans before them, but when they actually came around there was nothing to do. I do miss them now, though!

    1. Yes it is a very traditional thing to happen in Britain, It maybe even world wide that children get bored on long holidays. It is why human beings go to school and then work, or we would all wander about scratching our heads and thinking ...... AH what will I do.

  3. Love the song.
    And yayyyy summer holidays! The weathers supposed to get really nice from next week, so brilliant timing!

    1. Yes the weather have definitely changed for the better. I rather like the sunny but slightly overcast and cloudy image of Britain.