Wednesday, 11 July 2012

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I seem to have done lots and achieved nothing today…….. No that is a lie I have achieved nothing and done nothing today and that means I am in a difficult position to write a diary entry. When I say a difficult position I don’t mean I have been tied to the radio mast on the top of the house by the dog with bailer twine while he steals all the money in my piggy bank so he can go and get bones from his favourite butcher, No I managed to escape from that some time ago.  And I am no longer handcuffed and tied in a sack which is in a steel box, padlocked and wrapped in chains for dads experiment; I got out of that too. What I mean is I have too write about nothing again.

It is not easy to write about nothing, but I think this is the third or fourth time I have had to do it now; and what would that very nice Steven Spielberg think if I just gave up and said oooo nothing happened today ……Mmmmmm Cheery O. He did not just give up when he made that film with a horse in it, no he persevered and managed several hours of horse film, when we all know that a ROB film would be far more exciting. And I would be better at interviews, scrapping your front hoof on the ground three times when someone asks you “As a horse would you say the underlying paradox of the emotion shown by the film knowing as you do that the producers cat Tiddles was eating your film look alike Henry Horse shows in the films dialogue” is just not good enough is it.

AH ……. . Now what? Did you know that mice are generally small things that go EEK and have tails (I am not referring to computer mice), and it has been a lovely sunny day (mostly) today. On that subject Mr Paul (not Captain Nessman of the High Seas) and his wife came over to mum and dad, apparently Mr Paul is from the diplomatic corps and is in negotiations to turn off dad’s weather machine during the Olympic fortnight. They seem to think dad is a mad scientist who has been paid loads of money to disrupt the opening ceremony, in particular the 100, 000  nude Morris dancers and Cliff Richard (I don’t think Cliff will be nude by the way), and the big finale sing-a-long, ‘The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round…….’

OK sorry that’s it all I can say now is

oooo nothing happened today ……Mmmmmm Cheery O……. …… ……



  1. I think you do a good job writing about nothing. I eXamined the photo of part of the writing of this blog post rotated 90 degrees and was puzzled by the font differences, but I couldn't figure out just yet how you made the interesting e in the second section of the photo, where the first part looks bold and the second part looks unbold, nonbold, antibold or abold, or whatever the negative of bold would be with 'bold' in it.

    I am glad you have eScaped your ShackleS. Dogs can be so ... whats the right word ... not sure. While I was writing this Cooper came over and pre-snuggled in front of me at the writing desk. By pre-snuggle I mean that he made it so I could slip my right foot underneath his chest between his front legs and I could rub his belly, as he laid his head back down on my foot/ankle. In some ways this is a transformation of the word usage 'ottoman' (furniture) to 'ottodog'. I rarely think of him as furniture, but surprisingly I have several photographs of him in furniture mode.

    1. I will explain the font differences, this will give a small but boring insight into how my diary works. My diary is sort of an annual book that runs from the first week of September of one year to the same week of the following year. We are on Book two at present, These are large word documents and posted to both facebbook and the blog (The facebook diary having run much longer), so in facebook the bold text goes in the post text box but this used to be limited to a certain size. So the smaller text represents where the rest of the diary entry which is pasted into a comment to the post. In other words I always make the first comment to all my facebook posts...

      However blogs have no need to do this but I have found that when I copy and paste from the word document to the blog all the text remains the same size so I just leave it like that....

      THe odd E is purely because when I took a close up photo of the screen the size of the e sort of looses definition on the flat panel monitor (I think) it was a deliberate plan to turn the text sideways to make it more interesting. I did try and Google a picture of nothing but all the pictures of nothing had things in them (?)

      Dogs make good furniture but also like to eat furniture sometimes.... Although furniture seldom eats dogs.

      Sorry this is very boring Mr ESB

    2. That's okay, most things discussing details do not bore me, besides, I am the one who brought it up.

      The reason why Cooper had to leave his former master (my son) and come live with us at six months was because he was destroying the apartment and furniture. I think it was because he was left alone for too many hours with my son at college and work. But I loved Cooper and he loved me and there was no way I was getting rid of him, so he came to live with us. So he has been with us for 6 1/2 years, and he has turned out pretty good, but he doesn't like young children, or cats. He likes women though.

    3. Dogs are no good left alone for any time, they easily get bored and eat furniture....

  2. Rob Z writing about doing nothing, is certainly a lot more entertaining than *whispers* that film with the horse...

    And what on earth was the experiment that dad was doing, in which you had to be handcuffed and tied in a sack, in a steel box, padlocked and wrapped in chains??? Maybe it's best not to ask...

    Oh and yes, I did look up naked Morris dancers and now I'm off to delete my browsing history.

    1. I thought you might not be able to resist the nude Morris Dancers Miss Lily but it could have been worse you might have goggled the Nude Cliff Richard.

      I have not seen the film with the horse I was mentally scared by black beauty on the TV on lazy Sunday afternoons a long time ago.... Something best not talked about

  3. Dad puts you in a sack and then into a steel box... God I thought of how we pack our lunch in a steel tiffin...I hope nobody eats you up... though I don't know what with a Ghost Writer...

    1. A steel tiffin sounds very cool I hope there is a regular steel tiffin I must away and Google an image........