Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Empire of Rob and principles of equality

Time appears to be going faster than I have anticipated today, I think it is because it has been mainly sunny. When I say mainly, we did go to Montgomery craft fair day but it was raining there and parking was a bit of a problem too so it was not a long visit. However we did get to see Mr Michael famous artist and co founder of the 56 Group which I have mentioned previously I think a few days ago. And we managed to see a few folk before we departed back to home where it was still warm and sunny. We are still tracking down the cause of the electricity problem, we know what is working but there are a few things to be powered up yet. If we can isolate it then I will fix it with the flame thrower and a hammer, I find that is rather a good solution. I might have to use that idea on the squirrel who has mastered the art of removing the bird feeder from the tree and hurling it at the wall, like some sort of nut case.

The Empire of Rob

I am now the proud King (well sort of) of my own kingdom called the Empire of Rob it is presently very small but like all empires with some nutrients and care and attention it will grow into something much larger. It is in the care of the government of the Empire of Rob and its President Mr ESB, My own title is purely ceremonial I do not have a lot of power; that is very much in the hands of Mr ESB, Mrs ESB and Cooper. Luckily for Mr ESB, Cooper will always vote with him so they have a two thirds majority. Mrs ESB has complained of Bribery saying Cooper has been seen getting treats that have not been declared officially and should forfeit his right to vote, but this has been put to a vote and was rejected by a two thirds majority. This is the way of democracy; the Empire of Rob is a fair land with a young fledgling legal system based on principles of equality sorry I mean the pineapples of equality….  

Hang on it has just started raining now where did that lot come from



  1. He he and ha ha and ho ho (but not necessarily in that order or intensity)

    1. If only all blogs could interact as well.... No I think I might take that back or I would never get anything done and would be found a skeleton sat at a PC..

  2. Hahahah. when I'm out and about, blogging. I always stop to see what you have today...and TODAY is the operative word. Alway, new, every day. I would like to give you an award but I would have to make it up... Maybe I will one of these days. Mary

    1. Many thanks for stopping by on a regular basis Miss Mary. I really don't get to other blogs as much as I should but writing every day is quite time consuming.

      Strangely the madness of my blog makes it even harder to write to ensure that it remains vaguely factual in its content.