Monday, 14 May 2012

Some Stuff, Frank and a Chicken

I have been drumming tonight with my drumming colleague summoning in summer because to be frank it is time it was here. The dog says there is just one small problem neither me nor my drumming partner (Pete) are called Frank. The dog has a good point, why then do we have to be Frank if we are not Frank, I have asked the dog and he has shouted down to me from the gable end of the house   "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn". And that has made him fall off the roof in hysterics, serves him right, and he has terrible wind, so time for him to Leigh-V……...

School lets forget school it was just a day with stuff that happens as it does on some days, and well you don’t want me to write about stuff particularly as it is a bit late and I am being disciplined and working on the Monty Cardboard Robot Club Cultural Olympian for the big show so cant hang about.

The chicken has had a bad night playing with his new mate, when I say mate I am use the word very loosely because he is a small cute chicken and his new mate is a much bigger black cat, Sooty the Cat. Still it could be worse it could be Heavy Harry the Cat as he has a strange idea about play that involves blood and innards.

So sorry that is it tonight it is the dilemma of a daily diary just sometimes there is not quite enough time to fit stuff in and as I have already stated I am sure the last thing you want me to write about is stuff, or in the case of the chicken stuffing HA HHAHAH AH HAH hahh ha hhah aha hah ahahahah ah hha ah hah h ha



  1. My dog friend companion Cooper normal destroys most chew toys very fast, especiaLLy if it involves trying to find the squeaky mechanism buried within the chest cavity. But he has had much less luck over the years, yes years multiple, trying to destroy a particular elephant and hippopotamus. I guess I should set them aside a keepsakes of his puppyhood. Hah! I almost wrote 'childhood' but then came up with a better word. I saw the Elefante the elephant laying in the backyard up on top near the grapes, and I think Kiboku the hippo is on top of the frig. Each backyard has a retaining wall that runs parallel to each house, so they have a lower area, and then a "Top". He always gets eXcited when I ask Cooper if he wants to "go up on Top". We go inspect the grapes and play soccer and he is sneaky about trying to get in my compost material. But I am wise to his aloofness.

    1. Are we talking retaining walls that retain the outside from getting in as in sloping ground that gravity would prefer long term to become flat. Or it is retaining wall to retain the status-quo; those things inside the confines of the wall remain inside the confines of the wall similar for example to a prison. Not that your yard is a prison unless you have imprisoned the grapes, thus encouraging them to Whine a lot.

      I believe in the last few comments we have now mentioned Sneak and Squeak or was it peak all using the rather useful eak sound of which few people speak.

  2. Retaining Wall, your first definition.

    At the moment the dog and I are snuggling. I have finished breakfast, but for some reason he did not eat his.