Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Werewolf Waving Whale parts in Wales

The Ghost Writer spent the day weaving his way to Ystradgynlais to repair computers and then weaved his way home. There are few straight roads in Wales, a wise if slightly wicked way to make the English wander into little Welsh villages to purchase stuff like wooden Love spoons and warthogs and waterproof coats and wellingtons as Wales is world famous for its wet Weather

The Ghost Writer is here now eating and whinging after driving at the wheel of his vehicle for what he says felt like a well long time. In fact it is a wonder he made it, what with the whispers of wildcat strikes by tanker drivers and Werewolf’s in busses waving Whale parts at him.    

From the Movie
The Last Strangle in Paris 
AHHAH HAha hah hah hhah hah haha ha 

 Did you all know that K, Q, V, X and Z do not exist in Welsh so really I should not be doing them but I have. As for today well it started badly the old wagon, (I refer to the school bus) was driven by a werewolf with Wensleydale cheese and WORCESTER Sauce sandwiches. His driving was a bit whacky but he happily whistled into the Wind and wound up the other drivers by waving whale parts at them and winking.

It appears the Universal Bus Company drivers have gone on Strike again and warfare now exists between management and the workers even the tanker drivers have walked out in support. So the Buss Company have got round the problem by employing a new workforce of werewolf’s (who are prepared to do a bit of moonlighting)  
What makes it worse for the workers is werewolf’s will work for woefully low wages and one night off once a month when they go and wild in the woods and wrestle with witches and warlocks and hunt for Whale parts in Woolworths or W H Smiths.

Look, I’m distracted now as I was saying the werewolf was whinding his way to school when he was stung by a wasp.  So after weaving all over the road writing off a wheelbarrow and a wireless set we ended up going the wrong way and getting lost in the woods. Remember what bears do in the woods, well so do werewolf’s……… YUCK, that made the women on the bus scream and cry (those WESSEX Girls).  Mums just said Sexist IDIOT. 
Damn it this is getting very wordy…not a wise thing.  I have told the Werewolf who was driving the bus if he keeps driving like that by tomorrow he will be an EX-Werewolf

I don’t know about the rest of you in the A to Z jolly but I have decided I am doing three more letters then that’s it no more. I still have this sculpture to make for the Cultural Olympiad……….YICKS  



  1. Sorry for the deLay in commenting, I had an air conditioner emergency hit at just about the time you published, and then it rained semi-dangerously and then there was supper and then The Big Bang Theory. That was the teleBision show, not the cosmological event, although I may start using the cosmological event as an eXcuse for things, how convenient!

    1. If its any comfort to you, my diesel prices are starting to fall while the season is spring ..... Oooh, and my grape blossoms started happening yesterday, how cool! It appears that there are going to be lotza grapes and maybe moisture this year. We are inundated with moths, and Moth-ers Day is fixing to happen, oh, the agony of the overlap, how does one celebrate effectively? I now suDDenly need coffee.

    2. Hi Mr ESB I appear to have been deserted by the masses in the A to Z, I don't think they like me.... Not sure why but I can live with the disgrace of being shunned by nearly 2000 blogs. Still the Russians are saving the day on page views.

      Your grapevine has blossom ours is just showing the very first signs of life after the winter....... and it is raining here lots too but no sign of moths

  2. I'm so glad there are only 3 letters left! I've really enjoyed the challenge, but it'll be nice to actually have time to do other things! Great post, that's a lot of words beginning with W! :)

    1. I agree with having free time again but I guess I have found a rather hard way to do this. Still I'm just about home and dry now