Monday, 26 March 2012

Y Yesterday Why today and Y not a Yeti in Yarrow with a Yucca

Yesterdays brilliant idea of going to school this morning dressed as a yellow Yeti in a yashmak was yet another youthful error. At this time of year you should not be sunning yourself on your yacht in Yarrow eating Yams and Yogart with temperatures similar to that of the Yemen, (YICKS). We did build a Yurt in the school yard and Esmeralda found a yak to catapult over the roof, but generally it was a useless Y day, Why?

Still after a lot of yawning and yapping by a young Yorkshire terrier and yet more thinking, I came up with a better brilliant idea than the Brilliant idea of a yellow YODELING YETI so when I got home from school I had the following conversation with Mum

ME.   I have a plan, if I pretend I’m three you can tell me interesting things
But mum said Y ……..(WHY)

ME.   Because it’s a cunning plan to use the letter Y
But mum said Y …….  (WHY)

ME.   Well because if you ask a young child a question, they always ask Y
But mum said Y (WHY)

ME.   Well childen are programmed to say Y to everything until they annoy everyone so much we all yell at them
But mum said Y ……. (WHY)

ME.   Now look here mum your not being fair I am getting very frustrated now
But mum said Y …… (WHY)

ME.   Right I am going to ask you a question you can’t say Why to
But mum said Y ……. (WHY)

ME.   OK then what letter in the Alphabet comes between X and Z . HA HAHAH ah hah haahh ah hahh hah hhah
But mum said Why …….(Y)

ME.   Dam; I didn’t think that through very well did I
But mum said IDIOT

ME.   Ah ………..

Apparently there is a Yugoslavian with a Yoyo and a Yucca doing Yoga and making references to Ying and Yang at the front door

Yippee I can go now …….YES..


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  1. I loved the song Why by Annie Lennox, but then when I found out that my wife disliked it, that made it even better. Why? Because then I could tease her with the song in a variety of ways. I think Annie could get about a dozen notes piled up into that single word, she has a fabulous voice.