Thursday, 15 March 2012

Nitroglycerine, narcotics and a fried Nightinggale

A Nice if Nippy trip to school this morning, in a Nissan nascar driven by Nigel from Nicaragua who is Nice too, in fact I would Not be at all surprised if a lot of things are Nice today.  The dog is (k)nackered after spending last Night in a Night club throwing Nitroglycerine at the Newspaper man, taking Narcotics and sniffing Nitrous oxide. Mum for today only has said he is a NINCOMPOOP; the dog is Nodding in agreement.


We had a New teacher today from up North who had a Norwegian Nanny, he is one of the Nouveau rich and a Notorious Novelist and thinks our class are all Numskulls …… NOT NICE

 His first Question was who wrote “Take thee to a Nunnery”, none of us knew but Natalie did shout A NUN, he seemed a bit nonplussed and shouted NO NO NO NO it was; but before he could finish his sentence Esmeralda said Isaac Newton , He is an “N” person. The New teacher Mr NASH then said N’s, N’s Why are you are obsessed with N’s

 Nick said he liked N’s and had several in his garden, as well as a pair of Ducks and a Rabbit. The rest of the class then jointed in and added that if Nick keeps N’s, than with tomorrow being an O day we could all eat Omelette. And someone pointed out that if we lived in the south of Britain we would not be able to do the O day because they are planning to ban the use of O’s because it was on the News. By Now Mr Nash the New teacher appeared to be having a Nervous breakdown and said that we were all being needlessly negative and noxious, before a nurse came and lead Mr Nash away, who was by now wearing nothing, (completely Nude) and playing Noughts and Crosses and throwing Novels at the Notice board. Natasha said she had accidently seen Mr Nash’s Naughty bits and it was NOT NICE, in fact she thought she would be having a Nightmare tonight and was never never ever never going to have a boyfriend ….. …… ……..YUK     

Captain Nessman of the High seas says HAR HAR HAR HARDY HAR I be heading to Nova Scotia HAR HAR.

Newt Stew and Noodles with stir fried Nightingale for tea YUM

Oooooo sorry I am a bit late tonight but for reasons it will take to long to discuss now I have been at a WI meeting ...... Nice Food though 



  1. Sometimes its easier to read some things backards by paragraphs, especially when its not summer.

    1. Sorry, my word backwards is missing its w, I hope this didn't lead to any pre-mature death, head cold, or lack of sleep.

    2. The answer to all is No except the thing about reading backwards by paragraphs which the answer to which is Yes sometimes and No sometimes, and sometimes Visa-Versa

      I must try and remember that for the letter V

    3. For my neXt comment on a new blog post I will try to work in the line, "The one-derful thing about Tiggers is I'm the only one!" Actually I remembered another comment that I wrote on my iPad for a previous letter of your alphabet series that I emailed to myself so that I could later copy/paste it into a comment on my PC that I need to get accomplished, but at the moment I have no momentum, I am obviously missing an "um", as I am just semi-alone in the dark, horizontal waiting for clothes to dry, 9AM to get here so I can go on a journey to The Big Yellow City with my son. We are going to go play.

    4. Big Yellow City ? is that where General Custard was Born HA HAH AH HAH AH HAH AH HAH HA HAh ha hah ha hahah haha ha ha ha ha hah h hhaha hahah aha ha