Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How not to do the Letter E in the A to Z bogging Challenge 2012 involving Explosives

School today, and what a nice sunny day it was well up to the point we all left school (why does it do that). School is good for today for one very good reason it allows me to use the letter “E” on my A to Z challenge test run. Yes school means E for EDUCATION something every human being needs to some degree (Education, Degree HA HAH HAHAH HAH Hah hahh hah hha …… sorry about that) in order to survive on planet EARTH.

Without EDUCATION as the dog likes to tell me, us humans would not have managed to mess up the climates ECO system and make a huge number of life forms Extinct.

As he also likes to EXPLAIN; dogs are fundamentally stupid (Except him) and they have never been responsible for any Extinctions or climate change or using up all the worlds resources or the atomic bomb or Fleas. I think he slips that last one in hoping no one notices.

I was telling the English Teacher Mr Evans about the A to Z and he said he would help WELL COOL but he then gave as an English Exam (DAM …….sorry that was yesterday). Esmeralda was far from happy about that and exterminated my Exercise book. Esmeralda hates exams. Even I am not a fan really; the English teacher did say it was Ever so extremely easy. After we finished, we then had Entomology that should have been easier but Esmeralda hates earwigs so instead of the traditional dissection of the little critter she used Explosives, a lot of explosives creating a enormous explosion.

The deputy headmaster, Mr Watson was not happy he had exchanged his normal outfit for a Sherlock Holmes outfit as he was off to a fancy dress party and in a bit of a rush so as he passed the class room he stormed in and shouted What sort of a school do you all think this is? ……………. ………….. …………. Well there was only one answer to that and we all shouted back Elementary my dear Watson …………….. …………… HA HAHAHH ahh ahha hah hah hahah ahahh ha hah hah ahh hah h hah hhah hahhhah ha   

The Entomology teacher added this is an EX-Earwig

ooo just in case you are thinking why this song ....no reason except the White Falcon  


  1. You inspired me to do some letter E work since its the bEst letter in the bet that has been alpha'd.

    A) E is the fifth letter of the alphabet, and its the fifth letter in the words "a five"
    B) E is a letter that looks like it has three jets just waiting to push it leftward.
    C) E is a versatile letter through rotation. Clockwise 90 deg it becomes M, another 90 it becomes a 3, and lastly, one more time, W.

    My eyes are sleepy now, must zzzz.

  2. Everyone likes the Einstein Equation starting with E too

    1. It ends with two too
      Tiny high 2 hard to see
      That means C times C

      Nothing like a few
      Einstein rhymes to be cloggin'
      Your fuzzy noggin'