Saturday, 3 March 2012

The last day of Napoleon Beelzebubs Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop

Today turned into a very busy day indeed as it was the last open day (to the public) of Napoleon Beelzebubs Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop and lots of the regulars turned up to eat cake, drink tea, coffee and wine and generally have a good time and it was very busy. Even Miss Fionaski the famous Russian Spy, Auntie Karen and Ian the Musical Hat Maker and Mr Charlie and Miss Jane came to say farewell. Unfortunately I was on drinks duty and I did sort of loose the plot.

I am OK with drinks and nibbles for say a hundred but after about two hundred people my brains blurs. Luckily Ian the Musical Hat Maker being a famous rock star back in the days when famous rock stars we proper rocks stars was able to entertain the masses with his wit and charm (not my shrunken head with the snakes body charm by the way).  So while I got the coffee, wine and orange juice all a bit mixed up, the man who had the strong black orange juice with a little milk and three sugars was well confused; Mr Ian told the masses of his exploits travelling across America as a rock god. 

By the end of the day we were to put it bluntly WELL KNACKERED and so have had a rather nice Indian takeaway from the rather nice Indian in Monty and are all planning to chill tonight and maybe even tomorrow.

Finally after my short preamble into the letter “A” yesterday I am by request attempting the letter “B” today…… Why Because HAH AHHAH HAH AHHAHA HAH HHA HAH hah hah hah hah hahhahah hah

Big bad brown blue eyed bear was borrowing Brian’s brains to bath a bandicoot from Borneo. When I say Borrow I refer to Brian’s advice but there are no B’s in advice so BUM. Talking of B’s I saw Bees in a blueberry bush in the back yard but bees buzz too much so I bought a Bollywood movie called Booooooo and shouted Boooooo that made the Bees Buzzzz off Back Home to Barmouth Beach 

My very good friend Ian the Musical Hat Maker who with his new knees is now one inch taller and can leap about again WELL COOL


  1. Perhaps you need to go to tarbender shool to improv your apple-belly-teas, applifuffle, aptitudinecessities, anyway, just to learn not to be poor at pouring. (I am sad for your loss of the shop)(Sometimes change is hard. Especially when its angry mobs and they are throwing high velocity pennies and nickels at your precious little head, and you think, say, I was planning on using my brain tomorrow, don't be roughing it up now! Oh, I got carried away with that mob chasing me with money that I almost forgot one of these: ")", and so.)

    1. qSƎ ɹW sʞuɐɥ┴ ʎuɐW

    2. It appears that Ancients Equiptians have learned to hack computers in their future (our present) putting high-row-giraffe-ics in your comments!

    3. If this was Facebook Mr ESB I would say Like.

      Time for me to sleep

    4. Oh, I was wondering, did you know I have four names, so my actual intials are ESBB.

    5. ESB² = 4

      ES = 4/B²

      (ES)/( 4/B²) = 1

      ((ES)/( 4/B²)) -1 = 0

      So in others words I have worked out that this is the formula you should avoid, because this is your anti being. If you did ever meet your anti being it appears you would vanish. I have not thought about this long enough to work out if everyone has an anti being.

      What we need now is sum sort of fixed value for E S or B and then we can work out your numeric value. It is not often in this world we get the opportunity to find a fixed value for ourselves. Unless the E, S or B is a variable then ....... YIKES, or the YICKS Variable Parameter of Derived Co efficiency

    6. In my own case I am sort of two people so


      where the value of "A" is not equal to 1,

      (RZT)-(BG²)= 1

  2. I have nominated you for an award. Good luck with A-Z challenge. Hope it's going better than mine.

    1. Yes thank you I was in a ward once but I escaped, HA HAHAHH HAH HAHH HAH HAH HAH HAHHAHH HAH HAHA HH AHAHAH ha hahh aah hah hah ahahaha ha ha ha