Monday, 16 January 2012

What is Blue Monday........ Lemmings, Windows and Banshees

Today was Blue Monday the day when the British leap out of windows a lot. The Ghost Writer was in his grey office and told us they have secured all the windows so they can only open about two or three inches. It is a health and safety directive to stop people leaping out of the window on Blue Monday, or accidently falling out of the window by accident.

For those who do not know what Blue Monday is it is the point after Christmas when the general public realize that the Christmas holidays and jollities are over and the sudden dawning that they have to work for another whole year? And as the Great British public are very much part of western capitalist society, it is just about now that all the Christmas credit card bills are turning up.  Add to this the gloom and doom of winter which still has a long way to go, and the theory is everyone will jump out of the window debt ridden and depressed, well they would if the Welsh Assembly Government had not screwed all the windows closed. The lemmings of Petrograd say that leaping out of windows is easy and they do it all the time but then they have had plenty of practice and are rather apt at bouncing.

 In the end it turned out that the sun shone all day (it was rather cold ….. OK very cold) and the sky was blue all day, so it really was Blue Monday.

I am sorry I am late tonight but I have been drumming as part of the last two Djembe players in the Wild hills of the borders we feel we are obliged to continue holding the old tradition of drumming in the Winter night stars (the ones in the sky) so that a bunch of celebrities can talk about them on the television and make lots of money, while we get cold and don’t. And although I think the Banshees in the woods appreciate the drums, I think the fox and the badgers do not, I think badgers are tone deaf as it happens and seem to be more interested in worms.

Finally I just have a slight suspicion that something might just be happening in the small box with the Mushrooms growing in it (or Alien Creatures from Venus) but I am not sure, at this rate Miss Fionaski the famous Russian spy will have eaten all hers before I get my first one.

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  1. I prefer "warm and do" instead of "cold and don't". My dog just happened to arrive while I was in the middle of typing, so certainly eXtra warmth.