Sunday, 1 January 2012

Old Father Time and Old Mother Hubbard, the badger and the mushrooms

I was sat minding my own business last night reading my instructions about how to grow mushrooms for the forthcoming mushroom competition with a few of my cyber friends and others who wont be my friend. When this old bloke with a long white beard turned up, saying HO HO HO BONG………….. WHAT? Well I told Santa he was too late and we have had Christmas, but he said he was not Santa (or Satan)

He was in fact some bloke called Old Father Time, a bit like Old Mother Hubbard, (the dog has always had mixed feelings about Old Mother Hubbard) so last night turned out to be the end of the year and now it’s a new one. Did I know that, I’m sure I did maybe I just sort of forgot as you do. We all went outside then to see if anyone was singing that song Auld Lang Syne, but no one was. I think when you live in the middle of a field it is something of a long shot to think it might be full of people singing, and badgers don’t sing and although foxes will sing (OK yes very badly) they tend not too when their mouths are full of rare breed chickens.

Today I was given an ipod shuffle which was Well Cool all I need to know now is how the hell to drive it? And we decided it was time for our Christmas tree to bite the dust, so it was chopped up and put into bite sized bags allowing us to burn in on the open fire while we roast chestnuts. As it happens we are roasting the chestnuts in the oven and the dog is singing Chestnuts roasting in an iron stovE with backing by the cats. We have tried to throw stuff at them but to no avail (What is an avail anyway and where has it gone?).

Finally just to say stage one of the mushroom growing is done so let battle commence HAR HAR HAR HARDY HAR. That was probably the wrong kind of laugh for mushroom growing, dad said it is more HE HE HE H EHEHEH HE HE HEH HE HE HE although mum has hit him with the Armadillo toaster now? ….  


  1. Your question was: What is an avail anyway and where has it gone?

    I know that an 'a' on the front of a word can sometimes mean 'not' and I know that Vail is a place in the majestic mountainous state of Colorado in the United States of Amiracle. I checked and Vail is the name of a mountain, s'pposedly the second largest ski mountain in Norse Amiracle, where very rich people live and ski, or at least dress in wildly colorful coats and pretend to ski. So the opposite of a mountain would be a roughly cone shaped huge hole in the earth, that would be occupied by very poor people. I do not know if they would ski or not, perhaps they can only afford to sled, or just tumble down the side. I do not know what the opposite of Colorado would be for sure, but knowing that it is named for the color red from Spanish, I am thinking that the opposite color on a color wheel from red would be green. Then it hit me (mentally, not physically), that another state in the USofA named Vermont is derived from the French meaning "Green Mountain", so that would be the complete answer: a giant hole in Vermont.

  2. Well thank you that all sounds very logical to me I even asked the dog and he said ********* OFF I'M EATING BONES. So I will assume it is all correct. It makes you (well me anyway) wonder if there is not an opening in the market for The Alternative Wikipedia.

  3. By the way Mr ESB I will consider following one of your blogs although it is hard enough staying on top of this one without following too many others. There are a couple I must remain with COS ..... but there are a couple I could quietly vanish from and I am in the process of creating a second blog The pictures of Rob Z Tobor full of random boring pictures, but then it will be a boring blog with luck.

  4. I have a bazillion blogs (9?), so my writings are under My Worlds My Words My Worries, and silly photo stories are under the Foe Toes. There is one called Tiny Pictures From My Brain that has my cartoons, but they were made a long time ago and that one is rarely if ever actively updated. There is another blog with my abstract art, and another that is an instruction manual for the game Kakuro. The blog with my recipes just got a cookie recipe last night, and then there is another blog of my writings MWMWMW translated into Portuguese. I think that all of them. Buried inside my writing blog are my fictional accounts of being a mentally challenged space alien trapped on earth which I write from a first person perspective.

  5. I follow a wonderful random photo blog by a Polish photographer at
    called Simple Observations. He updates it about every 10 days.
    I look forward to seeing your photogs.

  6. Yes I have had a little look at them all I will see how things pan out time wise after all there is much to do. And my place in cyberspace was a result of an Alien at a Masked Ball so I do understand about Aliens trapped on Earth.