Sunday, 8 January 2012

The March of the Mods and Chinese takeaways

I was in Montgomery again today. I seem to spend more time there than I did when I lived there. Anyway today we saw something strange in town something that has not been in Montgomery for many many years. It was a Gang of Mods, when I say gang they were all rather old probably all over fifty and I think they were reliving there youth. Sadly Monty was almost completely shut but they did find a certain hotel open but they said the bloke there was a grumpy git.

Well I guess people are scared of Gangs of Mods, although they were very friendly and even when one of them dropped his keys down the drain at the side of the road which was unfortunately bolted in place they were still quite chirpy. Well all the others were quite chirpy. I was able to help though and was able to supply some thick wire to make a hook and so we were able to recover the keys and they were all happy again and vanished off in the direction of Bishops Castle waving and making rather of lot of noise but then they are Mods and being somewhat old for Mods probably a bit deaf.

We have finally tried a Chinese takeaway from the Bishop rather than the Church, as the last one from the Church was to put it bluntly ******* Awful. It has to be said the Bishops Chinese takeaway was well good and the fried seaweed was very good. It is always a good sign when the fried seaweed is good and the sweet and sour sauce does not go solid after two minutes, and the owners of the Chinese takeaway don’t understand a word of English. It is at times like this when you need Captain Nessman of the High Seas with you, who is almost fluent in Chinese takeaway menus and is able to say things like. It is lovely to see you today the weather has been rather good, I think I will have the duck and a special fried rice thank you in Chinese; rather than shout 22, 43, 126, 4, ???, thanks.  And look like a complete IDIOT still I am used to that. But the food was well YUM so all in all it has been a good end to the day, well up to the point that dads paperwork filing system failed a bit, and the cats attacked him because they had only had four meals today.

Ooo by the way cats do not like Prawn Crackers how odd? ……… silly cats 



  1. My wife does not like to go to the Chinese restaurant, and I was having a good time, getting to work on my Chinese verbally a bit. Do you have any advice? Do I need to find a different wife or possibly have this Chinese restaurant burned down in order so a new one will be installed somewhere else that is wife compatible? Perhaps Chinese food delivered by moped? Perhaps just moving to Denver where I can get Ethiopian food instead?

  2. Ethiopian food in Denver?

    What you need is British Chinese food it is great, well almost all of it, just make sure you never have the British Chinese Takeaway Curry somehow the Chinese are not great at curries.

    You should take your wife to a good Chinese restaurant on her birthday and make sure they know its her birthday in advance some do wondrous things for birthdays with lots of fire crackers and dragons and the like.

  3. East Colfax Avenue in Denver has a concentration of them, and a few very close to Colfax. Just google 'ethiopian food denver' and it brings up a map with little pointer thingies. I believe the restaurant I went to was on the west end, probably tag B.

    My wife actually dislikes all the grand noises and pomp and ceremony of restaurant HB2U singing, and some of the local restaurants get quite rowdy and loud. The Mexican restaurant makes you wear a large sombrero. Well, I guess by definition all sombreros tend to the large and eXtra large. My wife is a hair dresser and doesn't approve of shared hats, nasty, she says, bugs.

    I read a little bit about your town of Montgomery today in wickedpedia.

  4. I agree about the hats. I have tested this with the dog and it was very difficult indeed for us to both get our heads into the hat at the same time. The dog also complained that I was giving him flees but I'm sure the little critters belong to Heavy Harry the cat.

    There is not much in Montgomery once you remove The ruined haunted castle, the Lemming of Petragrad, the Banshees, The CIA and MI6, the Pirates and the Dark creature of the Undergrowth. Oooo yes and Mr Beelzebub and his shop and the Zombies at No 27.