Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A bonfire made with secret Russian American and British political papers

We have had a bonfire tonight so that mum could burn some papers, she said they are top secret Russian American and British political papers about the exchange of information should planet Earth be invaded by Aliens. Anyway mum said this information is very secret and I must not write about it in my Diary …….. AH. Mum has said IDIOT now

I had to go up a tree earlier to prune branches (that’s as in saw not as in Prunes and Custard). The dog said I had to do it because I was expandable, that’s a bit odd I didn’t know I could expand, but I assumed that the dog must have thought the ability to expand could be rather useful up a tree with a bow saw.  Anyway (yes yes I know I say anyway loads) I asked mum about being expandable afterwards because no matter how hard I tried my arms would not get longer; but apparently the dog did not say expandable he said expendable. Well that was not very nice is it, and I have pointed out that the dog only exists because I write a diary in cyberspace in which he is a part. The dog says he would still exist even if I didn’t write my diary because all things exist within the infinite universes of an infinite multidimensional universe even the things that don’t exist although they do. …….. WHAT? The dog also pointed out that a dog does not get to learn Latin and Mathematics by being nice, well I know that is true most nice dogs seldom get past fetching sticks, doing novelty obstacle courses, waging tails and chasing cats.

No strange rainbows round the moon tonight well not so far, it was rather interesting last night seeing that I am starting to wonder about whether we live on the spot of some sort of light paradox what with all the sunsets, then the glowing greenhouse, and now rainbows round the moon. I am keeping my camera to hand now just in case something else happens. Because I am starting to suspect scepticism amongst you about these light effects …………… and other stuff.

Up is not up more sideways, I never thought about it until I noticed that the bonfire now looks like dads flame thrower. Its not dads flame thrower though, and if you look very closely you will see secret papers vanishing upwards (mmmmm sideways) in the heat as they burn.

By the way have you visited my other blog yet The Pictures of Rob Z Tobor it is rubbish 



  1. Perhaps The Dog said "expondable" - which I believe means to be able to jump out of a pond of water.

    ('ex-' = leave) + pond + able

    I s'ppose the pond could be created from diesel fuel as well, so most any liquid. Okay, back to the second paragraph ...

  2. Um, question, I realize it is not Latin, or mathematics, but I can tell my dog to look out the window, and he will do that. It requires him jumping up on the couch and poking his nose between the vertical blinds to spread them apart. Do you feel that this is an advanced canine ability?

  3. Many thanks Mr ESB I have asked the dog about your dog and he said it is if he then points at people as says ACCOUNTANT, POLICEMAN, DOG WARDEN ,and then hides.

    Spelling I must learn to spell GRRRRRRR

  4. My neighbor a long time ago had a huge dog that looked like a white Husky Times Two In Size named Bingo. That dog would stand on his property and bark at the Dog Warden's vehicle. He had had some run-in's with the law. The Dog Warden left my dog alone, she was a wonderful timid three legged dog named Madeline. Madeline has been departed from old age about 7 years now, based on the age of my current dog Cooper. My current dog Cooper does know the word pizza quite well, and will jump up in the window when I tell him that pizza is coming (delivery). But I usually avoid this because he complains (whining) about why the pizza has not arrived, and watches the front door as well. Cooper barks at ALL things animal and human that he sees out the front window except for the people who deliver food from the pizza place or the Chinese food place. It doesn't matter who the person is, he recognizes the large plastic insulated pizza container that has multiple pizzas. So that's our wonderful world of communication.

    There was a show on teleBision last night called Harry's Law and the lawyer's were trying to help a gorilla get personhood. The gorilla wanted to be free and the gorilla could use sign language. I realize it was fiction, and kind of a prequel to Planet of The Apes. How do you feel about gorillas getting personhood who can/could demonstrate near human characteristics of communication etc?

  5. Gorillas, I have not thought about Gorillas wearing hoods but I will think about that now .............................. ............................ ....................... ..................... ............... ............... ................ ............. Sorry I started thinking about Pizza which is what we had for tea (dinner) tonight although not a takeaway and certainly not by delivery service pizza.

    One disadvantage of living in the sticks is there is no home delivery anything around here